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Vision – Mission – Purpose

Updated: Apr 10

Vision – Mission – Purpose

The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy outlines their business with the "Purpose - Vision - Mission” statement so they are always grounded and always pushing through the barriers of time and not allowing their status to get stale or lack of vision, & not Inspirational. The article below is a well-advised way for elite and inspired professionals in Sport, Business, Entertainment, or Sales to stay away from career ending mistakes. As Director of the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy, I have studied the business of Football in a lot of different areas. This is important guidelines for anyone that doesn't want to be caught from behind and learns through experience how to protect himself or herself from stagnant behavior which can turn into a disaster in almost every competitive field where there are millions just waiting for that to happen, so the competitors snatch up what the other athlete let get away. As a professional athlete, I had this happen to me not once but many times. Most Professional Soccer Players will tell you the same. The thing is it's not the same as when it happens to you in youth or College, or even schoolboys. The chance of rebounding due to your skill level and talent is almost 100%. In the subsequent paragraph, I will explain how this guide can prepare you to protect you". This is an example of when you are unaware of any possible chance that you could lose your job. You think you are invincible.

Every new year brings with it the opportunity to reevaluate and reawaken your goals and dreams for your ambition to capture greatness on the Soccer pitch. One of the best ways I know to do that is to revisit the vision, mission and purpose of your current status as a Footballer or even a Coach/Trainer. For most athletes or anyone that is involved and committed to competition, this time of the season for an elite professional, is the time you work on weaknesses and perfect your strengths. This we call I.D. stage of professional molding. Player's will either be responsible about the approach or inattentive and lethargic. This stage of work is vital to advancing your career in any field. Whether in business, entertainment industry, or athletic profession, these moments are the make or break times of someone’s career. Usually they are traits that have been instilled a long time ago and sometimes they have never been addressed.

At the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy, the overall philosophy and teaching method has been able to utilize the knowledge that was not overlooked, but possessed for the benefits of both our students, as well as our evolving institution that is not just a sport training school, but much more.

The purpose, vision, and mission statements serve three purposes.

First thing:

Start writing down your purpose of vision to be a Professional Soccer player and why you want to be better than everyone else. This is really important for your appropriation in your quest to be an elite Soccer player. In many occasions, the competitiveness dies in an athlete and they wonder why can't they get it back. The hunger for competition dies when the athlete forgets why they are playing.


They serve as a powerful inspiration tool. Think about the times you are low on energy, overwhelmed or wondering why you’re in the Soccer business in the first place. These are all common occurrences for a maturing athlete trying to get on solid ground in professional sport. What will you draw upon to get you through and re-energized yourself? What might happen if you have nothing to draw on?


These statements become an excellent communication vehicle for the individuals you encounter. Such as your head coach, teammates, owner, manager, and even your close friends / family.

Vision Statements:

A Vision statement is why you got so good in the sport, and what did it take in your creative mindset to capture that level of performance. Was it planned? YES always is planned, and no one can say they would have never thought to be a professional or Div. I College athlete. In fact, they were striving for it all along, but without the right knowledge to believe that its possible. Now that we have seen some success, as a better equipped Soccer player, you need to utilize the knowledge and not just leave it at the dinner table or pub when you talk to a mate or relative. You use it to attack and defend, just like you do when you play. The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy holds steadfast in their belief in "Prepare - Visualize - Execute"

Purpose statements:

Remember why you are playing. If you do, then your work ethic and energy toward progressing and advancement will be reachable. The purpose always was in you when first stepped on the field. Even with the trials and obstacles along the way, nothing can take away that feeling of fondness towards the game, and what it felt like when you first played at a good level. At CGSA we believe in the obvious truth that it doesn't take a place in the heart of a bad Soccer player. NO WAY... The only athletes that sacrifice like an elite top-class player are good players. How can someone who can't play at an elite level like to play? Answer is they can't being a fan, is a lot different than doing it for a living. To truly sacrifice everything is faith and glory. It is proclaimed VICTORY. CGSA hopes this painted a good picture of the dedication and sacrifice you will go through to SURPASS YOUR BEST. The Director of the program, Clint Greenwood welcomes you to his Soccer Educational program that will guide you through the Purpose, and support your Vision, and help you to get started on your Mission in Surpassing Your Best as an Elite Footballer. Join our Total Footballing Development Family and learn the components of the world's top Soccer players at the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy.

Embrace the right mindset of an elite athlete.



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