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Welcome To The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy | Sponsorship and Donations Page 

       The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy "EBST" Education - Based Soccer - Training Program is created for unprivileged young soccer players  is a non-profit youth soccer organization committed to the promotion of youth development in the community through their participation in soccer.  We are dedicated to providing quality soccer training for youth athletes, with the opportunity to develop athletically and personally in a positive, supportive, and safe environment. It is our goal to maintain a professional and authentic Soccer culture for each young player not only has the opportunity to come and have exercise, but to enhance their Soccer education through innovative skill exercises unmatched in the United States. Many of our players over the past 25 years have gone on to play in Division I College, professional, and even World Cup level teams. Players such as; Landon Donovan, (US All-Time Leading Goal-scorer, Sascha Kljesten, (US Midfielder and MLS All-Star), Christen Press, (Stanford All-American and Herman Trophy Winner, U.S. World Cup Forward), Carlos Bocanegra, (U.S. World Cup Captain & UCLA All-American) and many more National level players at ages 12 through 18 youth teams. 

      There are many costs associated with developmental and competitive soccer. Your sponsorship funds will help to defray these costs, including league and tournament registrations, equipment costs, uniforms, travel costs, etc. Your contribution will help our young athletes be successful in their pursuit of developing not only their soccer skills, but also their sense of teamwork, sportsmanship, pride, community involvement and hard work.


      We take pride in providing a positive growth experience to all players. We thank you in advance for helping open these opportunities to as many players as possible. For us to offer a program consistent to countries that have a professional youth club, we have to raise funds that will keep the costs of CGSA at a level that allows us not to overlook special talent and give these potential superstars a program which develops our amazing young Americans to compete at the level of the rest of the world. CGSA is a leader among developing and producing talent, and needs your help. Any funds you might be able to provide is a tax deductible  contribution and much appreciated from our students and the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy.  Any contribution to individual players are well represented both on our Social Media pages and our official website The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy thanks you for your love of children and their dreams of becoming great young men and women in sport and in life. 

Did You Know?

Any contribution or sponsorship can help teams keep cost down and are tax-deductible.

Individual players may be sponsored for their individual costs. 100% of sponsorship money goes directly to the sponsored individual.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit so sponsorship donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Here are the different packages that CGSA offers students a "Total Footballing Development" Rated #1 in the United States.

The Continuum Packages and all it's details can be found on The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy's online store page or the Daily Continuum page under CGSA Programs. CGSA is committed in their business full-time to better prepare - visualize - execute each student's willingness to learn and better themselves both as a young athlete at the most competitive level and also a young person who will lead us into tomorrow. 


For Donations & Scholarships, please mail to:

Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy 

19953 Avenue of the Oaks

Newhall, CA 91321

CGSA Office Tel: (661) 425-4210


*Monthly Bronze Package*- $150 (4 sessions total)

Time Period- (1 month)

*2 Month Silver Package*- $275 (8 sessions total)

Time Period- (2 months)

*6 Month Gold Package*- $750 (Unlimited sessions)

Time Period- (6 months unlimited) FREE- includes 2 private lessons

*12 Month "Yearly" Platinum Package*- $1400 (Unlimited)

Time Period- (12 months unlimited) FREE- includes 4 private lessons

To donate to an individual student of The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy call (661) 425-4210

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