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Clint Greenwood and Evan


Around the world the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy provide young players with the opportunity to develop, learning new techniques and skills both on and off the pitch.  With all this being directed tactically by, the founder of The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy. At CGSA we offer each and every student The Greenwood Method, system of teaching.  CGSA believes in teaching the game at the highest level, and also teaching life and how to manage it with and without football. These details are not taught at other Academies, and are very essential to a player that could make the wrong decisions along the way of development that determine their future. These important components are vital in the future of a full-time athlete and at CGSA we make it an important part of our overall teachings, so each student will understand the importance of development through humbleness and curiosity. Always willing to learn from someone that has been there before and kindness towards piers no matter what level they are at always lend a hand.

Our main objective at CGSA is to bring our unique system to players all over the world. Where ever you might attend a Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy event,  maybe in Portsmouth, England, Los Angeles, CA, Ventura, CA, Sao Paulo, Brazil, or Guadalajara, Mexico we hope you had a lot of fun, were educated, tested, and most importantly inspired to continue to play and support our beautiful game of football. We will continue to commit all our efforts in creating new innovative training programs that produce entertaining footballers advancing to higher levels, and  playing on entertaining football clubs all around the world. 

These sessions are our Small Group Classes and purposefully designed for students who would like to form a private group with friends and teammates. This is determined and approved by the Director of Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy. Individuals can also contact CGSA and request joining one of these groups by contacting our offices at (661) 425-4210.

* Note:  These prices are based on commitment and attendance. Price may fluctuate. 

About Group Clinics

With our goal to generate a new culture of young footballers in the U.,S. we have worked so hard in our office coming up with the proper system that is necessary for a serious footballer's needs in their development. Compilating with other pro coaches and professional physical trainers Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy continues to grow and remain the most innovative. and educational systems in the U.S.A.  At CGSA we offer and implement these important components that a professional needs to pay attention to.

  • Ball and Player Relationship (Intense Progressions)

  • Positional strengthening

  • CGSA 6 Steps of Success (Player Development Pyramid)   "Call CGSA and BOOK Your Program @ (661) 425-4210

About Our Culture

(SGSA's Small Group Clinics. Must contact the Academy for specific groups. times, and locations)


Group Clinic 2 Players

Cost per player - $65.00


Group Clinic 6-9 Players

Cost per player - $40.00


Group Clinic 3-5 Players

Cost per player - $50.00


Group Clinic 10 & Over

Cost per player - $20.00

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