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  • Evan Greenwood, -

  •   (Head Varsity Girls Coach La Reina High School.)


"Evan is a real student of Football since he was a little boy. Through my experience as a professional Soccer player, coach, and trainer I haven't been around a more well rounded Soccer coach/trainer.  I was blessed with a Soccer family. My father was a professional player, a professional referee, and also a College coach, and a director of a youth soccer club. Which gave me a head start over all my teammates and competition. As the saying goes the apple don't fall far from the tree, I followed the cycle and at age 17 I signed professionally and after 1996, when I retired from playing I became a full-time Soccer coach. Evan pursued the college education and graduated Cal State University Northridge with a degree in Kineseology, and worked part time with me as well as playing."  


"Evan gives the player of today a vast knowledge in areas such as; life skills, computer comprehension, health and fitness, football history, and marketing.  Today Evan is a player for the P.S.C. team in the U.P.S.L. and a staff coach for the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy. I am lucky to have my son work for me, I feel really confident that the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy is in good hands for many years to come. Thank you son for all you do and all you are, says proudly Clint Greenwood Director of CGSA and Father."

Category 2 Attacking Dribbles Part III "21 - 30" | Featuring Evan Greenwood

Category 2 Attacking Dribbles Part III "21 - 30" | Featuring Evan Greenwood

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Evan Greenwood - "Professional Soccer Coach | Teacher (Technical Coach/ Trainer )


Evan Greenwood: (U.S.S.F. National License)

Graduate - California State University Northridge

Degree Major - Kinesiology 

Evan Greenwood - "Accomplishments"

  • Current Varsity Coach "Girls" (La Reina High School)​

  • Technical Trainer ONE Premier Soccer Schools

  • Building innovative soccer curriculums for clubs,

  • teams, and camp programs.

  • Training camp lesson plan (Maintenance)

  • Professional player, coach, and skill instructor.

  • Tactical analysis instructor.

  • World class demonstrator and clinician.

  • Top class personal skill trainer.

  • Physical instructor.

  • Plyometric trainer.

  • International relations.

  • Building and developing training programs.

  • Training, facilitation, and mediator. 

  • One on One Training With the Greenwood Method

  • Graduate of Greenwood Method Coaching "Elite Badge"


Playing Experience:​

  • Santa Anita Soccer Club - (4 years)

  • Necaxa F.C. Club - (2 years)

  • Slammers F.C. - (2 years)

  • CVU Soccer Club - (1 year)

Adult Experience:​

  •  Current Player PSC Football Club - (U.P.S.L.)​​

Special Skills and Expertise:  

People development, recruitment, private instruction at any level, marketing strategy, corporate branding and communication, high level demonstrator of world class soccer skills, demonstrator of specific soccer moves, progressive lesson plan, implementation of the “Greenwood Method” in teaching...​​​

 More About Evan Greenwood

 Evan is a hardworking Soccer player with many talents. His strengths are enthusiasm and work ethic which is coupled with a high level technical skills. While Evan is still playing, it serves very well in conducting Private Lessons to all level of footballers. The ability to show the fine technical details that are often overlooked, or cannot be demonstrated properly makes Evan a great personal skill trainer, and has a lot of experience at such a young age. If you are a serious club Soccer player and wish to play at the highest level, the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy invites you to the Private Lesson Program.

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Instagram: @Evan__Greenwood

Twitter: @Evan__Greenwood

Tiktok: @Evan__Greenwood

Youtube: @Evan__Greenwood

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