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CGSA's 6 Tier Pyramid of Player Development

These Six Steps Are The Building Blocks That Outline The CGSA Overall Philosophy & Style That is Presented At Every Camp - Clinic - Training Session - & Private Instruction

They form as our Pyramid of Player Development

Each level of the pyramid contains sub topics and reinforced through innovative drills that systematically teach the timing of a professional player's skill set and personal process of development offered boldly at CGSA. CGSA is the #1 Soccer Education program that doesn't just tell you how or why, but with true authentic NEW AGE technology demonstrates HOW To be effective using The Greenwood Method and in these areas of expertise...  

  • Establishing a Professional Foundation of Demands According To Each Age Group

  • Showing Through Dynamic Demonstrations The Fine Technical Details Often Overlooked

  • Each Topic Is Broken Down Through Progressive Explanation and Physical Exercises

  • All Topics and Components of The 6 Steps Are Covered By CGSA's Main Attribute of Individual Ball Familiarity. 

  • Ball Familiarity and The 8 Different Categories of Dribbling is The Foundation of The Greenwood Method

  • The Greenwood Method was built for the generation of footballers with the will to SURPASS THEIR BEST

The Greenwood Method is Based On The 6 Steps To Success in Building a "Footballer"

The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy Continuum is a Technical Development Program for serious soccer players. It is brought to you by, the Greenwood Method. The best Soccer skills teaching/training system that was built for the serious Soccer players of today. CGSA is in the full-time business 365 days of the year developing some of the best young Footballers in the United States. Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy and their staff continues to maintain the utmost effort to provide the service of our programs curriculum, and with the integrity that all our customers deserve. Our main goal is to fill each student with authentic education of Football through creative drills, that focus on tactical, technical, psychological, physical, and mental speed. Always continuing the pursuit to continue evolving in our teaching method of individual skill. The Greenwood Method is the definition we call the great Soccer players mentality and to take responsibility every day to be better that day then yesterday. Through this mindset Greenwood Coached students learn about their responsibility of hearing with faith and build that personality of a T.G.M. player. Be inquisitive and ask questions, dedicate more than what is required from you, and learn the enough is never enough at CGSA. PUT PASSION IN YOUR PROCESS.

Training All Day Physically and Mentally Addressing These Components...

  1.  Individual Ball Familiarity (Mastery) 

  2.  Speed - Agility - Quickness  (SAQ)

  3. Passing & Receiving | Ball Striking

  4. Tactical Knowledge | Soccer I.Q. 

  5. Individual Creativity | Difference Maker

  6. Building a Footballers Mentality | Mental Toughness

  • These Components are the building blocks that form CGSA's overall attention to detail teaching method. To attain  high level Soccer understanding, "IQ" you need to be in a culture that contains everyday life football and the demands that goes along with it. Through The Greenwood Method and its professional experience in Europe, every student attending CGSA's various sessions receives an eye opening experience. At CGSA we want you to then have a heart opening experience. 

Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy has outlined the main components of a professional footballer, and has designed it to a 6 level pyramid. This is CGSA's Pyramid of Player Development. Teaching student's these components through the stylish Greenwood Method serves as a unique footballing experience.

"Pyramid of Player Development"

  • Ball Gymnastics & Foot-speed Exercises With The Ball

  • Example: "Stationary/Moving In Different Directions With Rapid Pace

  • Suppleness Exercises - "The Greenwood Method of Rhythm With The Ball In Synchronized Patterns With Different # of Players​"

  • Different Surfaces - To Run With The Ball

  • Different distances -  Running With Different Pace

  • Ball Mastery CGSA has created very creative ways of capturing it's audience. Through our philosophy of Skill Comes First, CGSA uses their own Greenwood Method drills by incorporating these different topics, Soccerobics, agility with the ball, and rhythm, CGSA is well known for a distinctive style easily recognized for it's flair and style.

  • Soccerobics


  • Video Analysis - "Breaking down match play and positions"

  • Written Evaluation - (Upon request) 

  • Study of System of Play (Apprehension)

  • Defensive Training (Individual) | 3 Principles Of Defending/Tracking

       ​A. Close Down - B. Channel - C. Tackle

  • Defensive Training (Team)

  • Pressure and Cover In Small Sided Games 

  • Shape Principles 

  • F.A.S.T. "Field Awareness Soccer Training​



  1. Change of Directions

  2. Wrong Foot Dribbles | Counter Changes

  3. Pivots & Pirouettes | Twist OFF Moves

  4. Nutmegs

  5. Sombreros

  6. Tight Space Dribbles

  7. Attacking Dribbles

  8. Combination Dribbles 


  • Different Heights

  • Different Speed - "Speed Juggling"/"World Record by CG 33 seconds"

  • Different Surfaces - "Head/Thigh/Foot/Shoulder/Shin/Chest

  • Combinations - The Ball In The Air

  • CGSA's Lifts & Tricks Segment | The Original Tricks With CGSA



  • Inside the Foot | Push Pass Technique | Bending the Ball

  • Instep of the Foot | Driving the Ball in Air | On the Ground

  • Outside the Foot | On the Ground | Bending the Ball 

  • Chipping The Ball 

  • Lofting The Ball

  • Back Heel | Tricks & Flicks​​


  • Inside the Foot

  • Outside the Foot

  • Sole of Your Foot

  • Turning Ground Balls | (Same Surfaces)


  • Cushion Trap | (All Surfaces)

  • Wedge Trap | (All Surfaces)

  • Using Juggling Exercises (Height - Surface - Speed)

  • Combination Juggling (Foot | Thigh | Head) ​


  • ​Instep 

  • Outside Swerve or Bending The Ball

  • Inside Swerve or Bending The Ball

  • Chipping The Ball

  • Lofting The Ball

  • Long Drive or Pinging The Ball 


  • CGSA leads the way in player development of speed and quickness using different apparatus such as ladders, parachutes, agility poles, hurdles, and rings to keep the training innovative and fun for the students.

  • A progressive approach to developing fast twitch muscles and 

  • Foot-speed Combined with - "Form/Power/Reaction"

  • Flexibility with and without the ball (Suppleness and Elusive Ability)

  • Developing a Soccer Physique

  • The Art of Deception - "Switching the Point of Attack"

  • Using Dribbling Skills To Break Down Defenses

  • Trick Passes - "Back Heels / Scoop / Nutmeg / Dummy

  • Fast Twitch Muscle Enhancement

  • Speed Up Thought Process

  • Bravery and Confidence (Allowing the student to make mistakes technically

  • Feel free to try skill in game situation

  • Encouragement and Support

  • Utilizing - Greenwood Method #1 Step for Skill Enhancement along with creativity by using (1 v 1/2 v 2 short sided games with option to score on 2 goals, 3 goals, with jokers, etc. for the full impact of skill but forced to use your creative mind. 




  • Definition: Preparation - (The action or process of making something ready for use or service or of getting ready for some occasion, test, or duty)​​​


  • Definition: Visualization - (One who creates a mental image, so he / she can reach a desired goal.

  • Studies show that visualization increases athletic performance by improving motivation, coordination and concentration. It also aids in relaxation and helps reduce fear and anxiety. In the words of one researcher, “visualization helps the athlete just do it and do it with confidence, poise, and perfection.


  • Definition: Execute - (Something that is put into action)​

  • Most C.G.S.A. players are identified by their style and finesse. (many Soccer personalities have said that they can tell a Greenwood trained player in 10 minutes of evaluation.

  • Athletic Presentation - (The way they run and address the ball)

  • Respect (Character Development through Football) 

  • The Greenwood Warm-Up (Use creative warm-ups with rhythm)

  • The Practice Of Different Dance Styles (Samba, Pop, etc.)

  • Perform! 

  • "Practice Makes Permanent" 


"CGSA Brings You A Successful System of Teaching Each Of Our Students These 6 Components That Serve As The D.N.A. Of Successful Soccer Player. Here We Teach You How To Put Maximum Effort Required To Be The Best! At CGSA We Encourage Everyone To Embrace The Greenwood Method. T.G.M. Is Being Inquisitive. It's Learning How To Be Better Today Than Yesterday"

- Clint Greenwood, Director CGSA

CGSA Brings Passion To The Process

Academy Elite Players Evan Greenwood and Sammi Fisher

"Training and coaching using The Greenwood Method I can see the difference in player's approach to training, as well as the learning of the topic being displayed.  The Greenwood Method of teaching isn't for everyone. It is for players that have aspirations of making a living playing the game they love. Without a doubt any serious Footballer should test themselves with and against the very best. CGSA will make you better than you can believe."

- Evan Greenwood, Staff Coach CGSA

Something To Remember:

Ball Mastery is the foundation of every player's development and becomes essential for progress through the pyramid. But don't think of this as a step by step process only where one level must be completed before continuing to the next. Instead each step is integral to the others and the player improvement is achieved, as the components at each level become stronger. The great pro's work on the first step every day of their playing lives, to keep sharp, learn new skills, and build an unstoppable attack against the enemy...

-  Clint Greenwood

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