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A growth mindset is the idea that when meeting a challenge, we respond not with “I can’t do this,” but rather, “How can I learn to do this?” Carol Dweck, PHD  one of the pioneers of fixed-versus-growth mindset research, says that unwarranted praise can promote a fixed mindset in children. The same is true of ourselves. While we should respond with self-encouragement after failing, we should also hold ourselves accountable—don’t let ourselves off the hook too easily. At its core, a growth mindset isn’t blind positivity, but rather the understanding that knowledge and achievement comes from the accumulation of hard work and practice. At CGSA many of our students have learned through CGSA and The Greenwood Method of Technical, Tactical, Physical, and a very important Mental Approach to player development and showing up training professionally, but at the same time with great curiosity on how to BE A BETTER PERSON / ATHLETE TODAY THEN THEY WERE YESTERDAY. Surpass Your Best Today at The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy LLC. Ask about the ongoing training and player development.

- Clint Greenwood, 

Technical Director

"With A New day comes New Strength and New Thoughts"

- Clint Greenwood


  • PASSIONATE - "When you love something you find yourself working very hard on making it become part of your existence."

  • OBSESSIVE -  When a person has become compulsive about something and won't stop till they conquer it. To consume something with all your heart and sole. is obsessive. 

  • RESILIENT - A resilient behavior is someone that can overcome adversity. Important in someone's Soccer career when not all things go well and planned, but the act of building strong character forms an athletes character and will. This is the most important characteristic of a successful person, or athlete.

  • RELENTLESS - AS an elite athlete you must set goals and to pursue them with all your effort, and all your heart. Relentless is someone who will do everything in the power to ultimately becoming the"Best Version of Themselves".

  • FEARLESS - Fearless in sport and in life is important. If you want to be a difference maker in life as a Soccer player you need to take on responsibility to become that player. Through hard work and perseverance, and the obstacles you will face. The bad times and failures, and great times and championships, it is you who your teammates look to when it is pressure time. To be the best and capture The Greenwood Mentality you need to take all the weight on your shoulders and because you are prepared you are never in doubt in their eyes and in yours. Be confident to the chore.

Our 5 Pilar Pyramid is our 5 Main Character Attributes of The Greenwood Mentality. A Mindset of  an Elite Athlete. One who will strive for Perfection knowing He or She won't reach it, buit will be consumed by it and know that he or she will be "Better Today Than They Were Yesterday."  Ultimately becoming the Best Version Of Themselves. Remembering that you have complete control over your potential. You can always do better.

- Clint Greenwood

Director of Program

5 D'S

A Footballers Mindset


Start Them Off Right With Cultural Footballing Understanding!

  1.  DRIVEN  -   "Don't  shy away from a challenge"

  2.  DEDICATION - "Outwork everyone"

  3.  DISCIPLINED - "Professional at all times"

  4. DEVOTED -  "Passionate and in love with what you do."

  5. Discontent -  "Never satisfied with where you are.  Curious to reach the next level of brilliance."

"At CGSA we enforce these rules, and our students are to follow step with full Dedication with unshakable Devotion, and unleash their Driven personality, and when throughout stay steadfast in their Discipline and Professionalism, and when it is all done they know their is someone that will conquer, so to Surpass Their Best and ultimately being the best version of themselves they remain unsatisfied with there current level and discontent in their approach so The Greenwood Mentality and Mindset is embraced and understood how to pave the way to their success. Unwavering Competitiveness is the personality trait which all World Class athletes are in common with."

-  Clint Greenwood 

Director, CGSA LLC


Once your personalized program is developed, you will dive deep into your training routine alongside our student body and professional coaching staff. Our schedule of classes and training environments are designed to give you access to The Greenwood Method.  Well rounded, variable full circle training is critical for our footballers  to stay healthy, feel better, move better and perform at the top of their game. All classes are systematically created through The Greenwood Method and each lesson plan focuses on one of the 6 components that make a professional Footballer. The 6 Steps to Success is the pyramid of player development at CGSA.


"The process is nothing if you don't persevere. CGSA puts Passion in The Process. At CGSA we encourage our student body to take responsibility of their work  that is required to be great. Each student becomes a professional in their day to day approach, and record their data and gage what is required to be great."

"Keep track of your progress and performance in real time with our dedicated coaching staff.  We will track and record your data daily and  when evaluation is necessary and productivity is asked, CGSA has the answer to all the questions."


Each student will experience a balanced and varied training program, ideal for your schedule. Guidance from the top functional experts and a commitment to program compliance will guarantee results. Never waste another minute on extra or useless workouts. CGSA students embrace this culture not found anywhere in the United States, and only at CGSA where they learn what Total Footballing Development is and what it takes to become a professional Footballer, ultimately becoming a better version of theirselves.


Optimize your return on training time. Your membership will be designed from all components of a professional footballer, created and developed by The Greenwood Method all for maximum results in each student's performance, and dedication for today and tomorrow. The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy philosophy will nourish each student with The Greenwood Mentality. TGM is the mindset of a great athlete, that is produced from long hours of hard work and dedication, will, and culture.  

Daily Curriculum is Derived and Offered To You By The Greenwood Method


  • Warm Up The Greenwood Way

  • Teaching Timing And Suppleness Improvement

  • In all CGSA training programs, style, rhythm, and soccer specific movements are enforced. You can identify any CGSA student on the pitch. "Each One Teach One",  - CG Director


  • One Touch Passing Exercises

  • Receiving To Relieve Pressure

  • Field Vision and Tactical Knowledge of 1st Touch

  • Ball Striking "All Surfaces"


CGSA utilizes the art of creating space and breaking down the opponent through individual magic. Greenwood Method is built to entertain, as well as WIN!!! "Without Sacrifice You Don't Get Rewarded."


  • Instinctive Development | Striker & Midfielder

  • Timing of Runs 

  • Goal Scoring Mentality

  • Finishing Off Crosses

  • Dead Ball Striking With Instep

  • Swerving The Ball

  • Using Head 

  • Dynamic Finishing Near The Goal


These different technical exercises are the foundation of CGSA and all it's training tools. To be one with the ball is instrumental to success. Many repetitions of fast footwork and quick fast twitch muscle enhancement with feet. We make it our priority to first introduce the Soccer ball to each student, and 2nd to create a strong relationship between the player and the ball. 


PV Program is our unique way of utilizing the consistent attention of the Greenwood Method combined with teaching field vision. The day to day sessions cover these areas of vision, surveying before and after receiving, peripheral vision before the pass, and 1st touch relieving pressure. Overall decision making enhancement. 


The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy is a unique Soccer Camp that empowers campers to grow and develop as they discover new skills and interests. It strives to create a safe, experience-rich environment that will lead to incredible adventures and endless memories. On behalf of CGSA and all it's family, we welcome you to Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy Player Development School.

- Elaine Suarez


  • Dynamic Exercises on a Hard Court or Gym Floor

  • Athletic Enhancement Using Your Whole Body

  • Tricks and Flicks

  • Lifts of The Ball

  • Juggling

The Daily Continuum Packages

USYSA Club Players ONLY Ages - (10 & UP)

At The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy LLC, "WE TEACH YOUR HOW TO PUT PASSION IN YOUR PROCESS..."

" The Continuum Soccer Classes are a great way to stay progressing and learning different aspects of the game, that will introduce main topics of an Elite Soccer Player/Athlete's components that are often overlooked in The United States. If you are a serious Soccer Player and want to play at the highest level after youth club Soccer, then The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy Daily Continuum is the right place for you."

- Robert Thomas "Thomo"

Swansea City Football Club

The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy  is a unique Soccer Camp that empowers campers to grow and develop as they discover new skills and interests. It strives to create a safe, experience-rich environment that will lead to incredible adventures and endless memories. "While all the time teaching them how to Be Better Today Than They Were Yesterday." Our Students are Successful by Embracing The Greenwood Mentality.


A Word From The Director,

         To avoid "BAD HABITS" our young players learn the correct individual, technical skills right from the start. Mastering each basic soccer skill maximizes performance levels and enhances enjoyment of the game. We provide a fun-filled soccer environment never losing sight of our objective to teach individual, technical skills. This specialized program achieves these goals with encouragement and enthusiasm aimed at promoting self-confidence in each of CGSA's Programs...

       This is a program you cannot afford to miss. Clint and his Method has developed a distinguished system that has produced many of America's Best.  His passionate, unwavering philosophy over the years,  "that a good technical foundation is the best tactical preparation."  We offer a modern teaching method, uniquely innovative and highly motivational.  It is the main reason for the program's incomparable success.​ For a complete description on these specific components that embodies a professional Soccer player / athlete, go to our Greenwood Method and 6 Steps to Success pages on this website. 


Mental Skills are introduced and developed through visualization. This proves essential for your powerful tool of self-teaching. The CGSA training style progressively incorporates the field vision aspect of an elite player through his innovative drills. The ability to think quickly in football is the difference maker as a footballer. Nobody does it better than Clint and the Greenwood Method. 


We address your soccer physique through Soccerobics and our inventive warm-up sessions. The Greenwood Method does not just focus on teaching individual skills but on your whole body as it relates to the ball and your  "Body Positioning". Such a comprehensive approach assures you a solid technical foundation and understanding, and it leads naturally into the advanced skills,  and techniques that CGSA approves.


The sessions are dynamic, taught in realistic technical skill sequences in ball control, passing, dribbling and striking with their correct tactical applications. Young professionals provide realistic game-like demonstrations. With uncanny perception and ability,  Director and Staff at Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy paints a picture of game situation that no one else has done before.

Yours In Soccer,

Clint Greenwood     #11

Clint Greenwood

Owner & Founder Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy LLC

The Greenwood Method

A Quick Overview on The Schedule of Events for The Daily Continuum. Always check our Calendar for up to date schedules, venues, directions and maps, and times of sessions. 

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