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Created by former professional Footballer, Clint Greenwood to make a school with total focus on technical skills, and producing entertaining athletes.

Our Mission at CGSA

Director's Disclaimer

" As the founder and owner of The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy, I would like to welcome you to the world of entertaining, and productive Football, taught by the influence of my passion and privilege called The Greenwood Method. It is with great pleasure I offer the serious Soccer player the chance to learn how to be a Difference Maker on the highest level of Soccer. I have been honored and blessed to be able to have obtained great education from my professional playing experience, and live my life by sharing my passion with you.  The CGSA family welcomes you to our passion and hopefully inspire you to see it in a total different light. You will hear terms like, ole', "Prepare - Visualize - and Execute", "Each One Teach One", and "Think It Don't Stink It". CGSA is a Purpose Driven Soccer School, that trains you to understand what it will take to Surpass Your Best. We put Passion in Your Process and teach you to do so to. Look at every day as a new day to learn. Be Better Today Than you were Yesterday!  In competition you have to be purposeful, and The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy will enhance your mindset by teaching you to have The Greenwood Method Mentality   This is a mindset of a great performer. Each and every session you are searching for ways to be better. Asking questions, studying, perfecting, and competing. Your biggest competitor will be yourself and to aim to Surpass Your Best. By graduation, and the thousands of minutes of learning to be responsible for the work required to be great, the  CGSA has put together a  great assembly of intense curriculums and lesson plans, along with  professional Soccer coaches and personalities that will teach you how to Surpass Your Very Best and become the Best Version of Yourselves. Welcome to The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy."

- Clint Greenwood

Director, Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy LLC

Founder, The Greenwood Method

CGSA Is A Intentiality Training Program

What is Intentiality you ask? It is our company's purpose and intentions behind our passion in serving our customers with the Soccer education built by and from our Director, Clint Greenwood derived from the years of experience in playing Soccer at a professional level in 3 different countries and two continents. We believe and declare that The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy is  an established world renown Technical Development Program for serious soccer players that compares to the top Academies in Europe, and South America.  At CGSA we specialize in the art of teaching an entertaining style of Soccer and all it's components at the very highest level. Every designed curriculum is brought to you by, The Greenwood Method.  Many Soccer personalities recognize CGSA as one of the best Soccer skills teaching/training systems comparable to the top Academy's in Europe for their innovative drills, and overall student's growth. CGSA is in the full-time business 365 days of the year developing some of the best young Footballers in the United States, Canada, U.K. and Mexico. Our mission at Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy is to maintain the utmost effort to provide a professional service of Soccer teaching and coaching utilizing our philosophy / method that has been created to the advancement of skills, and all components necessary to perform at a professional level. One of the main objectives of Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy is to teach their full-time students to train professionally.  The overall goal is to focus on tactical / technical / psychological / physical / and mental speed. These player components are taught in a 6 Steps To Success Pyramid that we use as a building block to The Greenwood Method. This serves as the blueprint of the overall coverage of skills that will transfer into their games. To get the best out of CGSA, they urge you to be consistent in your attendance, so that you will benefit greatly to one of the best proven Soccer training schools in the United States.

  • THE MISSION of the program is to have a direct impact on the Soccer environment by providing players with the education, skills, mentality, attitude, resources, and support to develop world-class male and female players. This philosophy focuses on the developing individual players that can advance America's standard of play. At CGSA we continue to offer the training module that all of our programs outline in their lesson plans and curriculum at all of the different venues, and programs throughout the world. We count on our professionalism and understanding that our GOAL is to provide the most valuable experience possible using instruction and positive reinforcement in match related games and situations regardless of which side of the ball the camper plays on in a mutually satisfying atmosphere where learning takes place in a spirit of camaraderie, between each and every student, and coaching staff fostering soccer development and the encouragement of an appreciation of soccer's intrinsic values. With all this and continue to teach our student body the positive values of competition through respect and solidarity.​ 

  • OUR GOAL at the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy is to provide an extensive year-round training program, that each member will acquire a passion and confidence that they can take with them on the field and apply it to their lives.  Our priority as a program is to provide professional development of Soccer through our unique style, commitment, approach, knowledge, ability, confidence, responsibility, and love for teaching. This system created by it's owner and founder Clint Greenwood  is called The Greenwood Method.

  • YOU CAN EXPECT  from CGSA  a consistent, professional, organized, and prepared curriculum instructed by a professional licensed staff members all who monitor every student's progress. In result to CGSA's professionalism and love for the student's progress, the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy is worth every dollar. 

       Our ultimate goal at CGSA and all it's programs is to:

  1. Develop skilled, creative, confident, aspired, and driven soccer players.

  2. Create a sense of technical confidence, and purpose. Enforce the Greenwood Mentality but with sober awareness of becoming a player that is entertaining.

  3. Make each practice fun and challenging.

  4. Teach good sportsmanship, and respect to the game.

  5. Value winning, but not in spite of character and performance.

  6. Provide a safe and proper educational experience.


  • Integrity in the conduct of all business matters

  • Passion for what we do and what we offer

  • Stay steadfast in our efforts to Improve every day

  • Think TEAM FIRST. The good of the team is paramount.

  • Work hard, have fun

CGSA continues to grow thanks to an outstanding group of Camp Directors and the dedication of the entire CGSA staff. We expect 2019, our 27th year in business, to be our best year ever. If you have any questions or need more information, please reach out to us.  We love talking about our camps, our directors and the experiences of all our past campers.


The U.S. based Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy (CGSA) is the highest level of youth soccer development in the United States for male and female soccer players. CGSA provides a clear pathway for Elite youth club players the opportunity to surpass their best and strive to reach levels such as; US Youth National Teams, NCAA, Professional Soccer (MLS, USL, PDL, A-League, UPSL, NWSL, NASL), as well as the Men's National Team (USMNT) and Women's National Team (USWNT).



The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy is a fellow member of the http://thinkchildsafe.org/  program. Through our goals and our ability to change lives both on and off the pitch, CGSA has been recognized as a leader of both technical genius as well as approach to positive intentions to help grow the sport and teach the students positive love for the both.

The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy has been involved with the education of over 100 professional players that have shared CGSA style and presence  from Canada to the U.K.