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The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy

Training Camps  Offer You...

Welcome to the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy Training Camp. CGSA is in its 26th year of holding Soccer specific training camps for motivated players to advance their knowledge, skill level, tactical sense, physical ability, personal fitness, and also their social portfolio. At our 1/2 Day Camps there are 12 Hours a week of dynamic demonstration of Soccer skills | moves | competitions | prizes. The staff at CGSA will test your abilities in these areas of skill capabilities taught through the world-famous Greenwood Method.



  • Soccercise every morning and 3 topics per day. "Pure Magic that the Greenwood Method was made of”

  • 2 water breaks per camp day "Each break is 10 minutes long"

  • 1 small snack break per each camp day "Snack break is 15 minutes long"

  • 3 dynamic demonstrations "Each day CG will stop camp for a camp demo”

  • Pictures and video clips are only upon parent permission

  • 1 Free Camp Training Shirt per each registered applicant. Brought to you by, “Adidas"

  • Professional Cool Down and Proper Stretching "Each camper must warm-up and cool-down"

  • Holiday Spirit of Great Energy, Passion, Patience, and Love 



(Please arrive 30 minutes prior to first day of program)

15 minutes prior to program following 1st day of program

For what to bring to camp:

  • All campers are held responsible for their personal items. There are no lockers or babysitters on site.

  • All campers are to wear Camp uniform to every CGSA Event

  • 1/2 day campers need to bring 4 water bottles to each day. There are only 3 breaks for 1/2 day campers.

  • It is mandatory to bring your tennis shoes to camp everyday for Soccersise 

  • 1/2 day training camp only has one 15 minute break for snack.

  • Every camper must bring sunscreen to every day.


The Greenwood Method has created a unique system of teaching the highest levels of technical skill. Football skill education acts as a platform for not just good players, but successful professionals at every level. The 6 Steps to Success are the components that make up the professional player / athlete, but doesn't place it in a determination of the law. The art of dribbling and ball handling skills is the foundation of ball familiarity, and comfort ability, that can't be argued is the main attribute of the best players of all time. This special skill is worked on in every session that CGSA conducts. These 7 categories of dribbling are our company's personality which is unmatched in Soccer Education today. If you are a serious footballer and need to be in an environment of always being challenged, the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy is the home for you. Book a class today and allow yourself to Surpass Your Best! These are some of the cities that CGSA are sharing their experience and training method.


CALL US  @   (626) 533-2541


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