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Exercise 1 - (Gaps Across The Grid)


Two Rows of Cones 10 Yds by 5 Yds. 

Forming A Gap every 10 Yds. 

2 Players Start on The First line "Gap" Together Side by Side With Ball

Each player with a ball, standing a couple of yards apart.



Form two or three lines, as required. "Based on The #s)

Reminder: No lines that players are standing waiting there turn. 

Important: Once exercise commence  the group of players work for set amount of time or reps. The variation is based on level of group. 


Players work dribbling the ball on 1 step keeping the ball close so that he or she touches it every step at pace. The players stop at 1st gap and work the ball individually for a set amount of reps or until trainer/coach commands to go forward on the dribble to next gap. The next group is right behind stopping and starting either on reps or coaches command. 


The bigger the group the more players and spacing you add. Work this into warm-ups and either fitness or basic Ball Mastery introduction. Increase the level of fitness, and technical demands...

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