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8 Categories of Dribbling Moves


The CGSA overall program is based on these 8 different dribbling categories. It is without recipe written in some book or sped up on a You Tube video with no exact purpose or method to teaching the proper timing of a great dribbler, but it is presented in a very extensive, progressive, and demanding system of technical football education, that cannot be mistaken for any other program in the world.   

CGSA in 1991 created a system of teaching and developing players skills based on mimicking the technical skills of the Worlds Top players.   Originally, CGSA began by owner and founder, Clint Greenwood while being on holiday  in So Cal.  conducted small group clinics for some older club players and teach them the dribbling skills CG was known for. With each practice Greenwood put into his sessions different innovative ways of teaching the moves that have been performed in games by CG. Many years later the teaching evolved into innovative education how, when, where, and why dribbling moves were important to the growth of high level Footballers, and most importantly introduce the ball to the player in a more intimate way and start the relationship of elite Footballer and the Football. Dribbling moves serve as CGSA's Blueprint and every lesson plan includes this skill and through The Greenwood Method teaches it in a special and purposeful way.  The Greenwood Method created a way of introducing these various moves in 8 different categories and each category contains the tactical reasoning behind each move and when it can be utilized positively in a game.  Director, Clint Greenwood is a genius when it comes to teaching dribbling moves and creates a unique system of training through a progressive and intense environment always staying within reality of a game and not going off course teaching nonsense moves that cannot be used at all in a proper setting. An excellent training method always teaching the fine technical details (Timing) often overlooked at other camp programs, or Academy's across the world. There are 3 important steps to performing a dribbling move successfully. 




The Greenwood Method 8 Categories of Dribbles to Beat Defenders “Create Space"

  1.  Change of Directions

  2.  Counter Changes

  3.  Wrong Foot Dribbles

  4.  Pivots or Pirouettes

  5.  Attacking Dribbles *

  6.  Tight Space Dribbles

  7.  Sombreros “Playing the ball over your opponents head and receiving it on the other side of him/her”

  8.  Nutmegs  "When you put the ball through the legs of the defender and go around to get possession again."

The Ideology Behind CGSA

The inspiration to my creation of a Soccer School is well documented, as well as the success in developing some of the America's best talent both on the male and also the female side internationally. What hasn't been told is how it transpired into a teaching method and evolved to a system innovative at heart, but authentic in value.  CGSA takes every aspect of teaching by analyzing each component of the topic being taught in a way that not only pushes each and every student to it's maximum potential but is presented in a progressive step by step process without sacrificing the demands that are essential in becoming an Elite Athlete.  


Look at the dribbling topics and how each category or name has a counter to the other. If defenders know you like to go in this direction, CGSA has categorized these dribbles in a fashion to counter any defenders challenge. The Greenwood Method is put together for a life changing. educational experience for students who truly take it into their hearts prevail and become the Best Version of Themselves.



CGSA wishes to thank all the participants of Team Programs, Individual Lessons, Camps, Clinics, Daily Continuum Classes, Coaching Education, and just fans. We love you and hope you love Football. 

- Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy

Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy Youtube Feed

Known As The Best Individual Skills Training Program | Watch The Top Skill and Magic

Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy LLC
Known As The Best Individual Skills Training Program  | Watch The Top Skill and Magic
Known As The Best Individual Skills Training Program  | Watch The Top Skill and Magic
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Known As The Best Individual Skills Training Program  | Watch The Top Skill and Magic
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These 3  Steps Are Necessary For a Successful Dribble

"The many players, students, parents, colleagues, and families that have love for the Beautiful Game of Football has all contributed to the success and History of The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy.  I for one enjoy watching how The Greenwood Method has transpired into more than just a style of teaching. It's more than just a Soccer skills training program that teaches how to use the skills necessary to playing entertaining and winning football. The Greenwood Method is a lifestyle of a Elite Athlete/Soccer Player that comes to work energetic, enthusiastic, inquisitive, and eager and mature enough to take on his/or hers responsibility of work that is required to be a Better Footballer Today Than Yesterday, and do that everyday you play competitively." 

"As a young player in the U.K. one of the top dribblers and players in English league was Peter Beardsley. He was born in Newcastle England, and later played for Liverpool with greats; Ian Rush and John Barnes. Beardsley was the most unselfish player that he played with, says Gary Lineker."  Read More...

-  Clint  Greenwood


Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy LLC

  1. Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy is an expert in teaching the art of changing direction while dribbling with various different technical dribbles. All successful dribblers are great in these 3 important components. 

  • Good Fake 

  • Good Exit (Clean & Perfect Distance)

  • Good Change of Pace

  1. Pivots or Pirouettes are when attacking player fakes to go forward or strike the ball, but actually takes it technically 45 degrees to either side and creates space with the ball.

  2. Using ball and body fakes to create spacial distance from defensive players.

  3. Great dribble to relieve pressure

  1. World Class moves are what CGSA presents to our student body.  These various different moves is what makes the Best of the Best. Nutmegs are when attacking player puts the ball through the defenders legs and runs around to receive it to beat the opposition. CGSA has many different ways to break down the opposition and to showcase the most talented and dedicated Soccer players.

  1. Clint Greenwood's passion and talent for taking players on and creating goal scoring opportunities. These dribbles are when attacking player dribbles towards a closing defender and beats him with a creative and opportunistic move. Above former CGSA student and US player, John Traquejo goes by his defender using The Greenwood Method.

  1. CGSA introduces a special skill, which is introduced to each student that makes he or she a difference maker. The Greenwood Method has many different dribbles that makes the difference between good and great players. How to beat a defender in tight Spaces. 

  1. CGSA Is responsible for the current growth in youth development technically in the U.S.  The 8th Category of Dribbling is Counter Changes. Faking to turn or change direction, and in one motion accelerating forward to leave your defender standing. Counter Changes are in the same category as a wrong foot dribble.  Making it 8 different type of dribbling moves.

  1. Wrong Foot Dribbles are when attacking player is running with the ball and defender which is located alongside the dribbler, and attacking player fakes to turn with the ball, but accelerates in a forward direction, which wrong foots the defender, and creates space for the attacker. 

  2. WF Dribbles are great dribbling moves to wrong foot defenders and create a purpose not to chage direction but to continue forward and successfully getting positive space to make a play.

  1. CGSA Special Category of difference making when you send the ball over the head of the defender and then receive it on the other side to beat the defender. These are difficult moves that CGSA are known for teaching.

  2.  Great game changing skill not many professionals can accomplish. Its a great dribble when performed properly impossible to defend.

  1. At CGSA enforcing creativity, which in turn develops special Soccer players in a culture, that is not personally taught when playing in the streets or pickup games. So CGSA has been the Best at bringing the moves of the World's Best Players. We call these moves combinations.​

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