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Pay Pal Is The Safest Form Of Payment Online Today...

To register for either The Daily Continuum, Team or Club Academy, Private Lesson Programs, or Seasonal Camps,  just complete the registration form and click the Pay Pal Icon Link, or go to The Top Shop Online Store and use the pay link . Please use the comments portion to explain any discounts that might be available to you to use. If you have any questions call CGSA at (626) 533-2541 or email CGSA @ 

Do You Want To Mail In Your Payment? 

If you would like to pay by U.S. Mail send check or money order to:

Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy LLC

19953 Ave. of The Oaks

Newhall, CA 91321


Office Tel: (626) 533-2541



Payment instructions through PayPal.


  1.  Complete the online registration and choose the program you are purchasing.

  2. Fill in the comments box with any questions, comments, or discounts you might be using for this purchase.

  3. Deduct the discount from your total amount due.

  4. Click the PayPal button, and send the appropriate amount due plus the State required 2.9%.

  5. After you receive your confirmation please read carefully the Terms of Agreements Page at the bottom of each page on this site.


If you have any questions? Call CGSA 

(626) 533-2541 or Email Us @ 

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