Move of The Week   # 2


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Category - {Pivot} 

Action - "Running with the ball and using the ball to fake and create space beating the opponent 45 Degrees. These pivots are used mainly to create space, relieve pressure, to get a yard to shoot, or to create time and space to pass the ball."

Tip -  "Running with the ball at a defender which is in front of you, look as though you are hitting a long ball, or shot. In a striking motion you use your sole of your foot and striker right through/over the top of the ball in a rolling motion until your foot finishes over the top of the ball and flick it with your outside of foot into the space opposite of your faking motion. When performing this such effective ball fake, you must use your body as well to show you have interest in going one way, but to create your space to go in another direction."

Tip #2 -  When performing this skill learn to go through/ over the ball hard to sell the fake more. This will allow you to create space using the ball and the body to create space.

RESULTS -  Player using pivots can create time and space to make decisions, and the importance to create space to use in the attacking third of the field for goal-scoring chances. This move is worked on everyday in The Greenwood Method and can be used to fake a pass as well as shown above in a dribble.

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