Move of The Week   # 3 - "3 Moves"

  1. Over

  2. Under Without Putting Foot Down

  3. In & Out Snake 

Brought To You By, The Greenwood Method, and Adidas Soccer 

Category - {Attacking Dribble}

Action - "Running with the ball and using the ball to fake and create space beating the opponent that is positioned in front of you. These moves are used in open space where the attacker penetrates getting around the defender that is in front and goal side. There are many combinations of this move and CGSA breaks them down.

Tip -  "Run straight at the defender and make them commit. Defenders don't like to be on their heels. In that attacking dribbles make them either move their feet backward to stay goal side or dive in. Great dribblers don't look at the first defender but know they will beat them and focus is on technical dribbling and keeping the ball close enough to make decision critical in match situation. Many goals come from attacking dribbles.

Tip #2 -  When performing this skill learn to go through/ over the ball hard to sell the fake more. This will allow you to create space using the ball and the body to create space. When performed either step over or the latter look at the change of pace after.

RESULTS -  Player using dribbling skills to penetrate usually are the most dynamic. These dribbles take time to perform in game situation. Practice makes Permanent.

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