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Sole Behind | Sole Behind | Sole Behind

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 Sole Behind | Sole Behind | Sole Behind 

Category - {Pivot}

Action - Offensive player uses a combination of body fake and pirouette to create space away from the defensive player. Great move relieving pressure and using creativity to beat 1 or 2 players and shoot or combine in the attacking third to create scoring chances.

Tip -  Offensive player runs with the ball in the strong side and pump fakes and then performs a double sole | behind to create space. 

Tip #2 - When performing this difficult move you have to sell the pump fake and then be flawless in technical skill and athletic footwork at the top level of professional football. These moves are great against high level players. 

RESULTS -  Player using dribbling skills to penetrate usually are the most dynamic. These dribbles take time to perform in game situation. Practice makes Permanent. This dribble is great for getting a yard to serve or shoot.


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