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Academy F.A.Q.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

1/2 Day Camp Check List

Very Important - If you have signed up for a Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy Event. Please Follow the Guidelines listed below, they are specific in nature, and vital in your child's development and total comprehension.

“Our placement system puts campers into groups with other players of similar ability and experience levels. The placement is designed to give each player their own best chance for success. "In mini camps you will find younger's training with older players. The program is not designed for competition purposes, that's up to your club coach. We just give you the proper tools to be successful using the Greenwood Method in every day Soccer lives. We will try to answer your Frequently Asked Questions, to make it very clear about our positive intentions."

What to bring to camp - Each day bring your Soccer boots, tennis shoes or indoors for soccercise, 1 towel, 3 litres of water, camp training shirt, a soccer ball, sunscreen, and a snack. 

Can I request my child be placed in a group with a friend or teammate(s)?

Our placement system groups players with other players of similar ability and experience. Some factors that go into placing your child into a group include: age and previous CGSA Camp/Academy experience. The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy programs include several activities to help kids get to know one another, and create a welcoming environment for them to build friendships. Because of our desire to advance every player, we cannot move players to different groups unless recommended by their coach.

Where do I find the cancellation/refund policy for the program I'm signed up for?

Go to our Terms of Service page. There are no refunds unless player is seriously injured and maybe won't be back playing anytime soon. All our cancellations policy states the funds used to purchase a program with CGSA gets forwarded to the next program the student would like to attend.




Does my child get a grace period if he/she doesnt attend the allotment of sessions? 

CGSA does not allow extra time for a student to attend the entire # of Continuum Sessions that is stated in their contract. There are only 2 current Packages that have a set # of sessions handed out to the student. Bronze Package is alloted 4 sessions in a 1 month agreement. If your child has only attended 3 out of the 4 then they will not get extra time to attend the 4 sessions that a Bronze Package holder is offered. The Continuum has sessions in 4 different cities of Southern California. Simi Valley, Ventura, Santa Clarita, and Arcadia | Temple City. Therefore in regards to the question of having extra time to finish the alloted # of sessions even though they have plenty of opportunity to attend other venues and catch up with the Package either Bronze, or Silver Package. 

The program I want to attend is sold out, is there anything I can do to get in it?

If the camp you wish to attend is full, please register for the wait list. If a spot opens up you will be notified.​

My player is missing the last day of camp, what should we do?

Testing, certificates, and awards are given out the last day of camp, depending on the size of the camp. If you have a friend participating in the same camp, your friend can let their coach know and pick that up for your child.


What should my player bring to camp each day?

See Above


Can my child refill their water at camp?

Yes! Nearly all locations have access to drinking water. We will also have a Gatorade/Water station set up and available at most outdoor camps.

What if my child gets injured at camp?

A copy of the medical information and contact information you provided during registration is kept on location for use in case of injury or emergency. A Camp representative will contact you immediately with the information you provided.

My child has a medical condition and I would like to leave something with the coach. How can I do that?

When you check in on the first day of camp, let the staff member know so proper attention can be given. Please bring your items in a zip-lock bag (or container) with your campers’ name on it.


Is lunch provided during camps?

​"Only Residential Camps" (Based on the CGSA Camp Population)

What should I do on the first day of a program?

​You will need to check in your child the first day of every program. Look for our CGSA Staff. We encourage participants to arrive early on the first day of any program as there can sometimes be a line to check-in.


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