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Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy Today!

Updated: Apr 10

Although Clint Greenwood played professional soccer in the U.S., England, Wales and Canada for 12 different clubs, his most important role in Soccer is his influential coaching / technical training career. As the founder and Director for the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy and renown GREENWOOD METHOD of technical teaching, coach Greenwood has been Director of Coaching for various youth clubs, such as: Cal Heat (Alta Loma, CA), Santa Anita Soccer Club (Arcadia, CA), Santa Clarita United Soccer Club (Santa Clarita, CA), and CGSA Team Program (San Gabriel Valley). Director, Greenwood has produced over 100's of prominent players over the 26 years, many have gone to have amazing careers at a 4-year University, professional career in the US or abroad, and C.G.S.A. is proud to produce many who have represented their country for the National Teams and also in World Cup competition.

Introduced in 1991 CGSA training programs began by holding a Holiday Training Camp and some private instruction whilst being in the U.S. on a winter break from playing for Hereford United, of the English League (F.A.). Coach Greenwood was inspired by the feedback and positive results of his skillful teaching.

"I never imagined after my playing career I would follow my father's footsteps and become a coach directing camps and clinics. 26 years later I know it has been my calling and I for one wouldn't change a thing. "As a professional footballer, you really focus on self-most of the time. Diet, fitness, relationships, free time, skill enhancement, etc. but when you flip it around as a Head Coach, skill trainer, teacher of a method or philosophy, physical instructor, or Director of organization/club, you really have to be more thoughtful in your approach, and a lot more considerate of the feelings of others involved. This was the maturity aspect of my new occupation, and way of living", explains Director of CGSA Clint Greenwood.

As the of the creator of the “GREENWOOD METHOD” CGSA have produced famous alumni such as; Landon Donovan (U.S. Men’s National Team all-time leading goal scorer), Robert Earnshaw (Wales Men’s National Team), Jason Thompson, (UC Irvine, Professional in Brazil, and Spain), Leonard Griffin (L.A. Galaxy, UCLA and more), Sascha Kljestan (U.S. Men’s National Team and MLS pro), Kevin Ara, (Harvard University, DC United), Carlos Bocanegra (U.S. Men’s National Team, World Cup Team Captain, English Premier League player Fulham F.C.), Nick Romando (U.S. Men’s National Team), Steven Arias (Chivas U.S.A.), and female players; Erin Martin (U.S. Women’s National Team and Stanford), Jill Oaks (U.S. Women’s National Team and UCLA), Hayley and Lindsey Hunt (U.S. Women’s National Team and Stanford), Candace Wilson (Women’s Pro Soccer League WPSL All Star and Cal State Fullerton), Roseanna Tantillo (Women’s Pro Soccer League W.P.S.L. and U.S.C.), Ashley Nick (Women’s Pro Soccer League WPSL, Pro Europe and U.S.C.), Rene Quellar (Women’s Pro Soccer, Mexico National Team and Arizona State), Christen Press (U.S. Women’s National Team and Stanford), Ally Lemos (US National Team UCLA National Champs 2023), and 100's more accomplished players all successful after graduating CGSA’s innovative training programs. (All can be found on our Alumni Page).

As the Technical Director, Clint Greenwood was pleased with the efforts of his player's that continued their careers as processionals like himself, he has made it quite clear, that he is really proud of all the former, current, and future students that love it like he does, and he somehow passed on the experiences, skill, and passion to advance their knowledge in Soccer and in Life. "The hardest thing for me was to share my passion whilst fighting the culture in the U.S. I have to say that it really touches me when I run across one of my former players and their coaching, just like me, and still ask for advice. I don't feel so old then. I just wish all of our families at the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy all the best and I will always be there for them". explains the Director, Clint Greenwood.

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Clint Greenwood
Clint Greenwood
Oct 29, 2018

Great stuff for sure, but not complete on some stories.

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