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The Individual Technical Ability Is The Method

The Individual Technical Ability Is The Method...

To avoid "BAD HABITS" our young players learn the correct individual, technical skills right from the start. Mastering each basic soccer skill maximizes performance levels and enhances enjoyment of the game. We provide a fun-filled soccer environment never losing sight of our objective to teach individual, technical skills. This specialized program achieves these goals with encouragement and enthusiasm aimed at promoting self-confidence in each of CGSA's Programs...

​Important Information

This is a program you cannot afford to miss. Clint and his Method has developed a distinguished system that has produced many of America's Best. His passionate, unwavering philosophy over the years is that a good technical foundation is the best tactical preparation. We offer a modern teaching method, uniquely innovative and highly motivational. It is the main reason for the program's incomparable success.

Mental Skills: Mental Skills are introduced and developed through visualization. This proves essential for your powerful tool of self-teaching. The CGSA training style progressively incorporates the field vision aspect of an elite player through his innovative drills. The ability to think quickly in football is the difference maker as a footballer. Nobody does it better than Clint and the Greenwood Method.

Soccer Physique:

We address your soccer physique through Soccerobics and our inventive warm-up sessions. The Greenwood Method does not just focus on teaching individual skills but on your whole body as it relates to the ball and your Body Positioning". Such a comprehensive approach assures you a solid technical foundation and understanding, and it leads naturally into the advanced skills, and techniques that CGSA approves.

Technical Skills: The sessions are dynamic, taught in realistic technical skill sequences in ball control, passing, dribbling and striking with their correct tactical applications. Young professionals provide realistic game-like demonstrations. With uncanny perception and ability, Director and Staff at Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy paints a picture of game situation that no one else has done before.


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