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Training An Individuals Mind!

Updated: Apr 10

New Generation At CGSA!

The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy are true believers in self-growth. It is our goal at CGSA to teach and nurture our students as well as enhance their ability to train. Not only training to be a “Footballer”, but learn how to train their minds. It is through every player’s mind where they can truly visualize their potential, as well as the important technical details that are overlooked in most Soccer education centers for teaching Football. At the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy today, we still base all of our teaching around the 6 technical details in Football that create the world’s top player. At CGSA we utilize our very innovative “Greenwood Method”, to break down the skills necessary to be a top Soccer Player. CGSA and its staff uses the “Greenwood Method” in a progressive style so our students can best understand the skills that are being taught to them. At the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy we're known for developing the soccer player’s creative genius to express his or hers approach to the game without forgetting the purpose of the skill.

This teaching style allows our players to develop with confidence and play the game in a very positive and stylish way. Training under CGSA continues to produce some of the best American Soccer Player’s that have been produced for the US Internationally. It is with great pleasure; we bring to you CGSA and its variety of soccer programs.

"The main challenge for the U.S. is culture, most of the youth players do not know how to train. My approach is the same as I would wan't it when I was growing up. I am not saying that the UK have all the answers, they definitely don't. In fact in 1985 when I was just 16 years old, I spent 3 months on trial with Cardiff City Football Club. The standard wasn't amazing at all, I was probably the most skillful in tight situations and in creative situations by quite a bit. Not just the youth players but the entire club itself. Meaning the first team players too. At 16 my junior year in high school in America, I played about 5 or so reserve matches at Cardiff, and I took both penalty's and scored another goal in free play. The student body at CGSA focuses more on increasing their ability to focus, which brings success. Director, Coach Greenwood always tells his players, "Every thought you take, determines the action you make".

Director CG says "Everything begins with a thought"

Our objective is to improve our student body's pattern of thinking, using Faith, Trust, Focus, Discipline, Dedication, and most important LOVE.

  • Pressures of Everyday Competition

  • Physical Demands

  • Fighting For Your Job

  • Putting Up With Criticism "Thin Skinned"

  • Speed of Play at Practice and During Match

  • Creative Play "TAKING A CHANCE"

  • First Touch Play Under Pressure

  • "Understanding of Decision Making vs Outcome"

  • FAST | "Field Awareness Soccer Training"

  • P.V. Training Program "NEW"

"After 26 years of teaching young boys and girls the sophisticated skill that is acquired to play Football at a high level, the same difficulty keeps showing its ugly face. American Footballers don't know the pressures of playing Soccer and making a living doing it. “It really took me a long time figuring out what different managers have told me in early years of Professional Soccer. I didn't have a problem with training, but I guess I didn't know how to train either. I learned this at age 15 when I went to a trial at Cardiff City Football Club in 1985. The manager was Alan Durban, and he took me aside to his office and told me some important truths about my approach to the game. He told me that I had the skill of a 1st Division player, but there was a lot more than just a nut meg, going at a player or scoring goals.
This was the most important things I needed to hear at this stage of my Soccer life.” Cheers Gaffer explains CG.
"It's Important for the youth coaches, managers, trainers, Directors, and parents to know this. All the crazy innovative that you may think it is training of your players, has to be developing proper Soccer specific enhancement. Don't take a game that you are not credible at and turn it into something of difficulty, and non productive. Don't have your strikers dribble in and out of a ladder or cones that a cat can't get through because realistically there isn't a situation in this world that you run with the ball so slow to cut in and out of cones twisting and turning and stepping over and somersaulting, flipping and jumping over hurdles. All that does is teach bad habits. Utilize that in personal training or physical fitness training. Don't invent the wheel.

It's important for youth players of today to prepare their body's in a way that is not through instincts, but more through scheduling and planning. Our students at CGSA are aware of the diet needed for a high-level footballer. We hand our students literature on proper fueling your body's and more important proper refueling and regenerating which is often overlooked from Soccer specific developmental programs. Lastly, CG has taken a step further, by introducing to the CGSA student body an entire topic focused on "Transformation of Your Mind' concept. Through thinking and approaching your training, it will allow the player to understand the demands of a real game. At CGSA we teach this by reminding them of the simple fact of, every player can get better, but only if they understand what is wrong. Along with dynamic skill demonstrations and innovative drills that propel each player's ability. Director, Clint Greenwood will be implementing the topic named "Mind Transformation."


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