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Thank You For This Beautiful Game!

Updated: Apr 10

"Thank You For This Beautiful Game"

“It has been said that achieving success in something that you’re passionate about, brings a sense of completion to one’s life. Through my strong faith in God, I have been blessed with the ability to attain some success in my Soccer career, mostly due to the perseverance that I have attained through my education, experience abroad, and my will to always be the best player during every game I played in.

There are many keys to success, which amount as the ingredients that make up a professional footballer. Two major characteristics are hard work, and perseverance. Everyone endures ups and downs, but it is these two qualities that overcome them. It is these two characteristics that guided many Soccer players throughout their journeys of being a professional footballer. The discipline and dedication you need to being a professional athlete is the ongoing obstacle that separates the ones that make it from the ones that don't. It takes a person with great values, morals, ethics, and integrity to obtain true success in he/she’s craft. There are NO short cuts to playing professional Soccer.

Achieving success cannot be captured alone. It is vital that many influences and experiences along with the support of your loved ones, shape your destiny. When you pursue greatness, all the trials and tribulations serve as the backbone, and fuel your strength in character so you can achieve success. These many experiences serve as an outline to our overall character, and molds us to who we are. Transform these positive traits into a way of life, and form them into habits that carry’s you to be a successful person in all your walks of life."

“Hard Work and Perseverance”

“If you don’t know where you are going, there is a good chance that you may end up somewhere else.” –Winston Churchill (Prime Minister, United Kingdom)


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