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Professional Warm Up Components 3 Step Process

Updated: Apr 10

Professional Warm Up Components 3 Step Process

Step #1 - Decrease the Risk of Injury (Injury Prevention with cardio)

Step #2 - Increase Performance and Soccer/Muscle Memory Movements

Step #3 - Mental Preparation, and Alertness Training

Rules of Thought:

When doing footwork activity, make sure you maintain a low center of gravity, so it provides a platform of balance so the player could have a good change of pace. Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy has hired the top professional athletic, plyometric instructors from all around the world specializing in proper mechanics, first step thought, muscle fiber analyst, and Speed of Thought psychologists in Sports Governed, Athletic Performance Center of Excellence. When warming up you have 3 important components to think of...

1. Technical Footwork "Prepare"

2. Topic Execution and Athletic Response. "Visualize"

3. Finish Exercise to the point of Finish "Execute"

Suppleness | Quickness:

Supple or Suppleness: Characterized by ease in bending - Limber - responsiveness - adaptability in mental action - flexibility

"Always remember to plant with and push with the outside foot."

(Coach can increase the suppleness faze to changing direction quickly from one side to the other)

  • Diagonal Shuttles / B-B's "Cones or Poles 10 Yards apart Side to Side Shuttles - Explosive Sprint 10 yards.

  • Twist Offs and Pirouettes / warming up your flexibility and sharpness.

  • Stop and Start / Explosive warm up "Important to get your engine going a few times before action.


Most every physical activity is in conjunction with the Soccer ball. CGSA incorporates the ball in most everything taught at all the various programs. This allows the student to get the comfort level and the technical habit advanced. This type of physical warm-up increased the preparation level of both mental and physical Soccer sharpness. Any of the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy Team Program Teams, Warm Up with a lot of emphasis on Rhythm, but utilize this type of Warm-Up to stimulate their mind, body and SPIRIT!!! The fitter we are the more our bodies can withstand the vigorous elements of high level Football.


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