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Art Of Deception!

Updated: Apr 10

"Art Of Deception" CGSA History!

CGSA is a firm believer in allowing the students to express themselves with the ball. The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy is well recognized for the teaching of the “Art of Deception”. Through Innovative exercises and drills, the CGSA family focuses on the student’s development of “Unpredictability”. The “Greenwood Method”, is based and created by the teaching of the player’s will to be imaginative. Before even thinking, or trying difficult skills you have only performed at training, you must first have the will. It is during stressful moments in a match or on the training ground that true genius is displayed and legends are born. "It was in 1989 when I was on loan with Hereford and we were playing against Bristol Rovers. The manager of Bristol Rovers at that time was a Scottish legend, Joe Jordan. It was in the second half when I went over to get a short corner, and my teammate yelled back at me NO there is a defender coming. So, I yelled back at him "WHICH DEFENDER, BLOODY GIVE IT TO ME". He passed it to me, and I turned went at the defender and spun and performed Old Faithful flicked it over his head took it to the end line and whipped a low cross and someone finished it. Later, after the match, my wife Ann said that in the stands there were supporters that have been around the club forever were just going nuts swearing and yelling "Stop -----ing about!!!" That wasn't the only time something like that happened, but the point is just have confidence in your own ability is the main thing you need." says Director of CGSA. Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy takes the concepts and demonstrations mirroring the players of top footballing nations, such as; Brazil, Spain, Argentina, England, Germany, Netherlands, and others...

“Clint has helped advance my soccer career in many ways. Clint Greenwood taught me how to get out of any situation in a game by using a dribble to relieve myself and the team from pressure. His creativity in his practices make it much more challenging, but also much more fun than other professional coaches. From my experience with Clint and his famous training method I felt confident that I could beat any player one on one. Clint not only teaches the importance of ball control and creativity but also teaches how to have confidence in trying new things and not being afraid to make mistakes. These are important qualities for young players. Clint is a genius in this area. Without Clint I would be nowhere near the player I am today.”
- Landon Donovan
U.S National Team Captain
U.S All Time Leading Goal-Scorer.
MLS All-Time Leading Goal-Scorer.
5 Time Honda Player of the Year
Former C.G.S.A. Student and Player
Former Team Program Player Cal. Heat and SASC Heat Boys 82'

Director of CGSA, Clint Greenwood has built a great reputation both as a player, and now as a coach. Known to the Soccer world as a very skillful player who was a play maker, and who used “Deception” to create scoring opportunities. Throughout Clint's career both as a professional footballer, and now a coach/trainer, he relied on his ability to be confident. "The many hours he must have spent just dribbling and juggling to embed great touch is mind boggling." This is the difference between highly successful players and “Very Special” players, the one that has that genius quality.

"At the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy, we dissect the playing moments from the WORLDS GREATS, says Greenwood" Great players such as:"
  • George Best "Besty" (Manchester United, Northern Ireland)

  • Inniesta (Spain & Barcelona)

  • Christiano Rinalaldo (Real Madrid & Portugal)

  • Wayne Rooney (Manchester United & England)

  • Lionel Messi (Argentina & Barcelona) Neymar (Brazil & Barcelona)

  • Gareth Bail (Real Madrid & WALES)

  • Neymar (PSG and Brazil)

  • Mohamed Salah (Liverpool & Egypt)

  • Ronaldino (Brazil)

  • Ronaldo (Brazil)

  • Diego Armando Maradona (Argentina)

CGSA Is A Leader Of Producing Players With These Qualities...

1. Technical Identification and Style

2. Genius Like Qualities

3. Imagination During Pressured Match Situations

4. Bravery but Also Humble

5. Professional Approach "Not Making Fun or Celebrating After

"The difference between highly successful players and “Spectacular" ones is the level of creativity each player obtains. At the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy, we dissect the playing moments from the WORLDS GREATS. CGSA and all their Programs consist of developing the mindset of a world class footballer. One who when he or she has the ball at their feet doesn't even see the opponent standing in from of them, rather the space behind them. With most programs focusing on winning or circuit training, unrealistic spacing, and unrealistic moves. The Greenwood Method has evolved from at one time only moves, juggling, and tricks etc. to Total Footballing Development. If you are interested in joining the Total Footballing Family, Call the Academy at (626) 533-2541 or you can browse the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy at:


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