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About The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy!

Updated: Apr 10

The people behind the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy believe in the pursuit of greatness and achievement. This is achieved through hard work and perseverance. It's through our values and goals that all of our choices are made to become reality. This way of proactive thinking gives us a better chance to. The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy practices this in every lesson plan, and training session. It is the way, that many successful athletes remain focused. Through these everyday obstacles and the athlete's patience and will, true reward and success is bound to follow.


At the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy, we show our students how to utilize these situations to mature and develop into the prepared Soccer player that ultimately will be a better leader of their community, better teammate, and better son or daughter. Ultimately becoming the "Best Version of Yourself". CGSA Director, has transformed his Soccer Academy, to not just a Soccer School for athletes to enhance their skills, but much more.

It is these valuable lessons that the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy instills in its students, which are often overlooked by other developmental training programs. At the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy, we encourage our players to try their skills during a game situation as well as practice. This will allow the player to understand the purpose of the skill, as well as the meaning of the skill. It is the entire process of endurance and perseverance that makes or breaks a player to be great you need to learn from failure. Director, CG drives that into all of his students, and tells them to be the best you need to humble yourself and be vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to fail and make mistakes. “Don’t Be Afraid to Step in the Ring”. "If you are not making errors, you aren't learning".

"It was true love that created the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy, says Director, Clint Greenwood".


Why We Do It?

The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy began as a vessel for Coach CG to share his vast experiences as a young pro, as well as an established pro to young players, so our next generation can improve this wonderful sport. “I remember being forced to be patient, and I had to persevere through many times I was injured and could not play, dropped from squad, substituted or even not signed for club I also remember sitting on bench the entire 90 minutes against Norwich in FA Cup while playing for Swindon Town. It was these occasions that made be the person, father, player, and coach I am today. “At CGSA it’s not what we do for the students, it’s we offer our students the ability to be a better player, and also know how to deal with it emotionally. The perseverance you need to be an effective athlete is far more important than just talent alone. Enduring the many obstacles and “bumps in the road”, will make the difference in the outcome. From the many experiences abroad playing for different clubs with different managers, and different players molded me to be a lot humbler then when I arrived in 1985 as a 16-year-old over confident talent. When I came back to the U.S. in 1991 and the professional Soccer Leagues were scattered all over the US from indoor soccer, to the A-League which only had teams back east, C.S.L. in Canada, and the current U.S.I.S.L. that was branching out to California. That's when I had to make some important decisions financially, so that's when I started taking coaching and skill teaching much more serious. But, I know that if it wasn't for those years back home in Cardiff and the many learning lessons of professionalism, maturity, and heart check I would have gone back east to play for 5 years or so in indoor or something to that effect. "It was true love that created the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy".

At CGSA we take pride in "Total Footballing Development". In every practice, meeting, or drill, our philosophy has a meaning and a purpose. All technical skills are learned through effort, and practice. At CGSA we teach the fine technical details of the world's top players through innovative drills, and enforce the importance of perseverance. CGSA stresses to their students on how to learn to be a patient person. We stress to our student body to keep trying to reach their potential. Our saying at C.G.S.A. is to Surpass your Best.

"When a player has endurance in Soccer and in life, that player reaches the Finish Line on top".

"My first experience with Coach Greenwood, I was really intimidated and felt stupid. I cried inside all the way home. I have known him for a long time, and gives this aura about him. He could do anything with the ball. It's not his fault that we couldn't. Once you start learning the skills, you have this feeling like he has. A confidence that is unmatched. He is the best at instilling confidence through his amazing talent that you just don't get to see every day. My years with CGSA allowed me to play Div. I College Soccer on a scholarship, and play professionally in two countries. I advise anyone who wants to play serious to call Clint up and the difference in level between CGSA and other programs are night and day."

-Jason Thompson

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