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Learn More About The #1 Soccer Educator, Player Development Program, & Professional Teaching Center of Excellence. 

" I knew I wasn't the fastest or strongest, but  there isn't no one that will outwork me."

- Clint Greenwood,

Owner and Founder of The Greenwood Method

"Learn How To Become The Best Version of Yourself by, Hard Work, Curiosity, Generosity, Passion, Professionalism, and Love  Through Adopting the right mindset, The Greenwood Mentality"

- Clint Greenwood

 Founder of The Greenwood Method

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"Sophisticated Training and Practice Method's Isn't X's and O's. Tactical comprehension is the same as knowledge. Knowledge is measured on the effort put forth in paying attention to all your experiences.  "How much effort do you put forth?"

-  Clint Greenwood 

Director, Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy LLC

CGSA Memberships Are Designed For...

  • Who want to train with a program that defines personal SMART GOALS, and know what it takes to achieve them.

  • Who want professional training and are eager and willing to learn how to train professionally.

  • Who want the most effective and efficient return from the hard work established.

  • Who want a personal program that focuses on their needs and detailed data on the progress the student obtains.

  • Who want to train with experts in that field. Embrace the professionalism and importance of Total Footballing Development. Read More...

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Develop Professional Players

SAQ (Speed - Agility - Quickness)

Ball Familiarity (Ball Mastery)

Passing & Receiving

(Ball Striking)

Soccer Aerobics

Embrace The Greenwood Mentality

Train With A Purpose

"We Put Passion In Your Process."

"A Word From The Director"

"The process is nothing if you don't persevere. CGSA puts Passion in The Process. At CGSA we encourage our student body to take responsibility of their work  that is required to be great. Each student becomes a professional in their day to day approach, and record their data and gage what is required to be great."

"Keep track of your progress and performance in real time with our dedicated coaching staff.  We will track and record your data daily and  when evaluation is necessary and productivity is asked, CGSA has the answer to all the questions."

- Clint Greenwood

Director, Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy LLC

Private Lesson Programs For

The Advanced Player

Are you not getting enough touches

of the ball during your team training sessions?  From beginning club player, elite, national, or professional the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy One on One Program has designed a curriculum best fitted for you.  What we are known for is improving players that have the will to change. Our Curriculum utilizes the Greenwood Method to advance our student's needs in the areas of...

  • Individual Technical Ability -  (Ball Mastery) Includes: All the dribbles, Soccerobics, Soccercise, Ball Gymnastics, Juggling, Tricks, and Lifts.

  • Speed Agility and Quickness Enhancement -  (Fast Twitch Training) Includes: Reaction Training, Track Work, Apparatus Training.

  • Passing and Receiving -  (Striking The Ball) Includes: Finishing, Long Balls, Driven Balls, Chips, Lofts, Swerving Balls, and Free Kicks.

  • Imagination -  (Creative Mindset) Includes: Combination moves, Combination Passing in the Penalty Area, Dummies, Imagination and Difference Making Skills...

  • Tactical Sense | Soccer IQ -  (Game Sense, and Field - Awareness - Soccer - Training "FAST" )   This Step also includes overall Football / Soccer History and Laws of The Game.

  • Soccer Personality -  (Mental Capacity and Soccer Physique) Includes: Different Cultures, Fields of Play, and Weight Training that is solely focused on building a proper Soccer Physique.​

The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy has been involved in Soccer Training & Education for over 27 years. It is a system of teaching and nurturing  high level players to stay sharp and fit both mentally and physically. The difference in speed of play was the first obvious weakness between European Soccer and U.S. Soccer.  "As a professional player just coming off a season abroad in England and Wales,  Clint was able to implement the speed of play, aggressiveness, and professionalism of the Europeans, and the game changing skill he had obtained throughout his entire career as a Footballer. Explains Gavin Tait, "Cardiff City Coach".

The ideology of the system is called The Greenwood Method. Coach Greenwood implemented this style of teaching in every program that he offered. Whether it was a camp, clinic, or private instruction, Clint Greenwood's skill and magical way of teaching some of the most sophisticated dribbling demonstrations was always a selling point.

"Bringing a serious approach to Football in The States is my daily objective, but creating new and improved curriculum's for best results of an ever changing style of player in the world is my passion." explains Director, Clint Greenwood."


The uniqueness and innovative exercises have been proven to be a very important mainstay component at The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy various developmental programs and education process. But the success in teaching students the importance of Love, Respect, Honor, Tradition, Professionalism, and Gratitude has been the Backbone and Blue Print that has transformed the overall philosophy that called; The Greenwood Method. It is these 5 blessings that all these character traits are built on and continually taught at CGSA, and put in this order of importance and continued attention.

  1.  God

  2.  Family

  3.  Football and Academy Education

  4. Team and Club

  5. Each One Teach One 


"Experience is the foundation of Wisdom, but if you have been IN AN ENVIRONMENT LEARNING FROM PROGRAMS WITHOUT ANY WISDOM, your overall knowledge suffers, thence your wisdom shall be limited. Open minded students capture and receive the grace of their will, but others don't approach things with an open eye and ear to hear. They think they could do it all on their own. A true successful student is curioous about what they could do to better themselves each and every day taking in all the knowledge and turning it into their purpose. At CGSA Surpass your Best and become someone who wants to be a better child of God,  person, family member, community leader, and Footballer with wisdom to share with others and the ones who follow."


Director of Program, Clint Greenwood.

Do You Want To Be Successful? 

To embrace The Greenwood Mentality (Driven Mindset Towards Being The Best) is to stay steadfast in your commitment to strong never yield attitude that serves as the ultimate bar that becomes the player's will that transpires into the development of The Best Version Of Yourself. If you want to be the best, than sacrifice and curiosity are the 2 main components that an elite athlete has to have in order to be the very  BEST. It is these two components that significantly drive one's ability in skills, athleticism, mental strength, and education.  The TGM is the mindset of an elite athlete, or whatever trade you desire to be the best at. To accomplish ultimate success and greatness you have to be prepared to go all the way. These driven personality traits are the DNA of The Very Best.

  1. Never Say Die Attitude (Never Give Up)

  2. Curiosity is the Avenue to Greatness and Growth

  3. Be Better Today Than You Were Yesterday

  4. Develop Your Super Brain (Education Through Constant Curiosity)

  5. Find Out How Others Before You Did It and Improve it By Taking Responsibility over What is Required To Be Great.

  6. Make it Your Own (Declare It)

  7. Don't Ever Be Outworked!


A growth mindset is the idea that when meeting a challenge, we respond not with “I can’t do this,” but rather,how can I learn to do this?” Carol Dweck, Ph.D., one of the pioneers of fixed-versus-growth mindset research, says that unwarranted praise can promote a fixed mindset in children. The same is true of ourselves. While we should respond with self-encouragement after failing, we should also hold ourselves accountable, don’t let ourselves off the hook too easily. At its core, a growth mindset isn’t blind positivity, but rather the understanding that knowledge and achievement comes from the accumulation of hard work and practice. Train your mind to think differently than before. And become a student the attains constant curiosity on different ways to become an elite Footballer.


The Philosophy Behind Our Success is Our Teaching of Perseverance


Once your personalized program is developed, you will dive deep into your training routine alongside our experienced coaching staff selected to best fit The Greenwood Method teaching


Each student learns at different rate. CGSA assures each student to capture their very best with enough education to self teach. this process we call Analyzation is the input from professionals that get the best out of every student.


Each student will receive a balanced and varied training curriculum that best fits each ones busy schedule. Our coaching staff are in total compliance to our programs philosophy .


Optimize your return on your knowledge and education regarding proper professional training and what is required to Surpass Your Best. Ultimately being the best version of yourself which is our goal at CGSA.


CALL US  @   (626) 533-2541


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