The Greenwood Method 

Soccer Tips

To Our Coaches Beginners & Advanced...

  • Are you prepared to run a proper session? 

  • Are you a Teacher or Preacher at practice?

  • Are your demonstrations done correctly, or is the picture blurry to the attending students?

Things To Remember...

        A.   Begin your session with upbeat activity, and establish your team's identification and style.​​​ Spend your warm-up on more than an activity to prepare your body and mind, but also to let the team bond by funny jokes, competitions, and educating them with a professional experience through competitions, and staying alert. This sets a culture of being prepared all the time, and never let your guard do

        B.   Break your team in groups in #s where they work and keep sharp in their Footballing technical skills. "Even the best players in the world cherish these moments to keep sharp, but also keep learning otherwise you can go stale and lazy. Groups are organized based on physical goals of the coach. NO LINES AND NO STANDING AROUND WAITING YOUR TURN MONKEYING AROUND. This is negative training and sets a standard as a whole to the club that if the manager isn't serious than how can we?

        C.   After the topics are concluded, never too many topics in one session. The cool down or end of session fitness should be fun and competitive just as much as your warm up. Finish your training on a high positive note with much confidence building as you can. This will empower the students or players to want to come back. No they can't wait for the next session.

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