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Updated: May 27, 2020

Quotes From The Director About His Experience Abroad

“I could remember being called into Ossie Ardiles’ office after training, while I was playing for Swindon Town F.C. Osvaldo asked me to show him something what I did at training earlier in the morning. He was fairly new in the club, since taking over the 1st team when Lou Macari got fired. I was on loan with Swindon, and I knew that the new manager was going to be Osvaldo Ardiles (Argentine star, and former Tottenham Hotspur player). So, we really didn't speak much, except in Spanish because when he would run the sessions he loved to join in, so the first time he heard me shout at him in Spanish, he was somewhat surprised of my ability to not just understand the language, but to speak properly as well. We really got along well according to most of the club. Ossie and I used to be teammates in soccer tennis, when we played. This one day I was in the boss's office when we were discussing my future and some move I did at training earlier. You see world class players like Ardiles always wants to know why?"

Wow Diego Maradona?

"I brought up Diego's name and he basically asked me if I ever watched him play? I answered kind of confidently, of course I have watched him play. Everyone saw him play in 86' World Cup, and after at Barcelona, and Napoli. If you were alive during this time and you like Football, you better have watched it, taped it, and watched it 10 more times before you go to your next training session and wonder how he does that stuff. Ossie turned to me and said, No Mago! (my nickname from him was Mago, Magician in Spanish). Ardiles said to me that I only saw Diego Maradona play, not watch him play. I know now why he was annoyed with me. To see someone plays means that your eyes are focused and able to visualize something happening, but to see a genius like Diego, you need to watch and enjoy the amazing talent he really was. It's like watching a movie you love compared a movie you respect, not so entertaining to the eye. Diego was the best movie and you didn't want to miss a thing, trust me. We went on talking about football and his love to play golf. He was telling me that he has not seen anyone with the ball handling skills that I possess since Diego. I was trying to play it cool, but was truly honored and appreciated the kind words. He later rained on my parade saying that I was capable of performing magic, but the difference between my ability and his, was the sheer power, speed, and balance. I could think of a few more attributes, but none the same it was a cool experience. It was good days while I was with Ossie. It was the most comfortable period of football that I spent in the UK. The one major point I will take away from that experience, is that he taught me more about coaching, than he ever did about playing. His philosophy is so similar to mine when it regards training etc. He plans his sessions based on what he would like to do if he were playing. I do the same thing, and it brought me one very successful Methods of programming a training session for the better of the team and player."

“While I was playing for Swindon Town, the manager of Hereford United (Ian Bowyer) asked for me to loan for his team. My first touch was against Bristol Rovers, and we played that game in Cardiff, because it was a Cup game, and got cancelled twice, so they needed to get the game in. I lived in Cardiff, so it was great, my girlfriend then Ann got to go to the match. The funny thing was, my old club Cardiff City trains there, so I thought maybe some of the lads would stick around to watch. The boys stayed back and so did the youth coach Gavin Tait, and the boss at that time was Len Ashurst, it was 1990 and I was playing well. Being a footballer full-time it was hard to hide from anyone. The public, as well as the other clubs knew I was this player, and from a club "Swindon" so the attendance was full of Soccer personalities. The game was on Astro, so it was a bit fast to begin with. It took me to about halfway through the first half to find my feet, and start getting on the ball. Once I got the ball in midfield early, I dictated the pace, and started seeing things open up for me. It seemed to me like everyone was walking and I was running. Ran past one, ran past two, and put the ball in the back of the net. After the match Gavin Tait the youth coach at Cardiff came over to me and Ann my girlfriend now wife and him and Jimmy Goodfellow were going nuts, telling me not to sign with Hereford, that Cardiff had spot for me for the next season. Cardiff was the club that let me go 2 years previous. After a season with Hereford United, I came back to the US, played for indoor club San Diego Sockers, and also top Semi Pro team, LA Valley Eagles, before I found my niche coaching young youth club players the skills that I acquired while playing professional Soccer in the UK. If it wasn't for Ron Yates from Liverpool I might have come back to the US sooner, and who knows what would have happen." Playing football was easy, running a Soccer School, with the consumers not understanding the language that I speak, is something totally different. I was raised an American, but this I know being true; the country of United States of America can't create a culture, just because there used to getting what they want. This time they will have to go through many trials and errors to finally understand."



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