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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Coach Greenwood in an Interview 2009 F11

Creating an atmosphere of not FEAR BUT FEARLESS!!!


These two personality flaws are vital when you manage a group of men or women and your hired to win. The players shouldn't fear the manager, or fear the occasion of failure or not producing. This is called athletes personality STROKE!! This happens when an athlete can't perform to his or her best when pressure from an outside influence infiltrates their mental state. This ends up straining the physical state of a player that needs to be Prepared, Focused, and Able. At The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy we spend every session reminding our young students to think of these 3 steps in working on all components of the game.

1. Prepare

2. Visualize

3. Execute

A CGSA Chart About Players Approach To Development and How To Be Productive


1. Relentlessness

Create a unselfish environment in all phases of the club. For example: God, Club, Team, Teammate, Self. = Victory Put your teammates and team before self when you train, eat, drink, play, talk, and everything, and the success will follow. Just as God said when he told his disciples that there are 2 laws to abide by and that was to love God with all your strength and all your heart, and love thy neighbor as yourself. These sum up all the 10 Commandments into 2 not so simple laws. Same applies in all team oriented situations, and everything else.

2. Taking Risks

Soccer players need to definitely take risks. The great teams are built of not just talent but great players.

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

- Clint Greenwood, Director CGSA Team | Club Academy

3. Courage

This is the one personality trait that great teams and great players have in common. Courage is so important, and usually not learned until its way too late. You could have all the talent , and skill, but without staying steadfast with relentlessness, and being brave enough to step up and take a risk, then you will never win. A great quote that was said about these traits.

"If you aren't ready to win then don't bother putting your kit on."

Bobby Smith , Cardiff City Youth Coach 1986

"A winner rebukes and forgives; a loser is too timid to rebuke and too petty to forgive."


Director of CGSA, Clint Greenwood Speaking With The Group at An Advanced Camp in 1996


"They must possess intelligence, energy and integrity. If they only have intelligence and energy, don't touch them!"

It is the third quality, integrity - the courage to stay true to their ideals - which makes the difference.

As a coach the chance of being a champion is rare, most critics blame it on the current squad or the lack of talent that they inherited from the last manager. Marinho at Manchester United the most famous Soccer Club in the entire world, had a falling out, and all we heard in the media he couldn't get along with a few of his big name Charlies, like; Pogba and some of the young players as well. That's why they don't call someone who's in charge of a professional Soccer team a coach. They are managers and have to manage all the club, including the high paid players. It's a very fine line when it comes this skill as a Football manager. This is what separates the best managers of all time from the ones who don't fare well and bounce around until there isn't anywhere to land. The ego guided them into a crash landing. This however can be fixed and its these 3 important things to remember. If you are missing the 3rd then there is only brief success, and that only feeds the ego even more, and blinds the fit, and talented manager even more, and ends up in a disaster.

1. Energy

2. Intelligence and A High Soccer I.Q.

3. Humble and un-wavering Integrity "Treating People with integrity and not changing from your beliefs to anyone"

- Clint Greenwood

Founder, The Greenwood Method ©


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