Do You Achieve Greatness, or Does It Achieve YOU?

Updated: May 27

Clint Greenwood | Owner and Founder CGSA

"Part I Of A 2 Part Article on Greatness"

CGSA is in their 26th Year of producing great Soccer players, that have been successful in many ways. Some played Divison I College Soccer and received a scholarship (financial support), some played Junior College (Received Their AA Degree), some played professionally in the MLS, and abroad such as England, Czech Rep., Russia, Canada, and Mexico, and some represented their country in the prestigious World Cup competition.

The Soccer players that have been coming and going at the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy all remember the many lessons learned of technical skills, but it is a true tribute to the many students that have graduated CGSA and produced Greatness in life and football that remember the other lessons learned at the Academy many different programs. Here is one of the main reasons a dedicated Soccer player and also a person achieves Greatness in their lives. When you do you should be soberly accepted of it and also be aware when it happens. So you can pass it on to someone else.


      Our creator in Heaven has bestowed upon us one very special blessing. When people think of hardship, tribulation, affliction, addictions, disaster, trials, difficulties, sickness, disease, and other obstacles in the way of completion or success. When we go through tough times of financial progress or stability. We blame God, or we ask Him, "Why Me".?

The real truth is without this great blessing we couldn't grow in Character? It is through your character that we establish a purpose, and how other's perceive you and what your worth really is. The stronger the character, the more capability you have to have success in life. If you are a Soccer player and your goal is to be a professional Soccer player, you need these to grow, learn, adapt, and over come. In one word "Persevere". The tough times are the tools that are given to you not because your bad or evil, or unlucky. Luck has nothing to do with it. Next time you tell your friend Good Luck. Think again there is no luck in this world. These obstacles, trip ups, trials, were designed and given to you before you were born. So take advantage of the bad times embrace those moments when you had some bad times developing in the sport you love. If you think the problems or criticisms towards you from your coach or trainer are not there for you to learn, then your missing a perfect opportunity for development, growth, knowledge, and GREATNESS. If these criticisms are from people that you believe are not warranted, maybe there not, and that's when you have to listen to the truth. The truth is there for you always, if your coach or trainer is really wrong or mean, it will be revealed, but if the coach or trainer is trying to help you, and you just don't want to admit that your not as good as you think, then that's the one major obstacle that if you don't embrace it , it will be the defining moment of your failure, and can't be overturned down the road. This we called the defining moment of decision through knowledge bestowed upon us, and truth all things are given to us for good. Hope you can Look at the next part of Reveal Your Greatness.


Some Of The Key Ways To Reveal Your Greatness

To achieve true greatness, you have to put your whole heart, mind, a physical body into your objective. Example, when you win a championship in Soccer, and afterward the extension of yourself, such as your support group, close friends, teammates, family members, or even just fans are celebrating with you and for you and have always had the best interest for you, but hasn't put their who self into it. They will want to celebrate after go out enjoy the whole party and celebration. But the person or athlete that accomplished it is mentally drained, and even though very happy just exhausted, because of the amount of effort that is put in to being great, and revealing their Greatness. Identify your own personality. Who are you and how do you look at the world?

  1. Is the Glass half empty or half full? This is a rhetoric expression used by people to state their point of view of the situation. Whether it be a total life that has been brought to you by circumstances, and how the individual looks at it.

  • Half Empty :"Pessimism" Pessimists look at circumstances different than Optimists...

  • Half Full: "Optimism" Optimists look at circumstances different then Pessimists perspective influences everything. We do not see our lives in purely objective terms. We are subjective creatures. We see through a filter. We have biases. As I like to say, everyone has a personality. And that personality alters our perceptions. Introverts see life differently than do extroverts. Pessimists have a different take on life than optimists or even realists. If you have a leaning toward depression, your sense of life takes on that gray sheen. If you are somewhat anxious, everything revs at a slightly higher speed.

"For me I look at the world totally different than I used to. I truly believe every one has a heart, and it just takes their comprehension, and faith to allow others to see it. I am of the understanding that life is not what you see physically with your eyes, but what I don't see. Our belief and faith carves our destiny, until you understand that there is something that is bigger than our capability, you just live an empty unfulfilling life here on earth." The director of CGSA is in the full-time business of evolving his education to provide a more sophisticated, easy to comprehend system that will benefit each student's learning capability. CGSA is the best at getting the point across rather not just teaching each ones physical capability, rather their thinking process, which allows an athlete to grasp more important information regarding their ceiling of learning and development, which gives them an advantage over others that don't believe in thinking out their development process. "The journey to greatness is the JOURNEY, and not the result, explains Clint Greenwood."

"I think that these filters are relatively fixed aspects of our personalities. Some of you might feel relieved to hear that. I know a lot of folks get worried that a therapist is going to try to turn them into a completely different person! Let me be the first to reassure you that cannot happen. What therapists seek to do is to help you shift perspective so that you can see the world more accurately and therefore live your life more effectively. That's what I mean by filters being relatively fixed. There is room for tweaking."

If it can be tweaked, a question to ask yourself if you are a Soccer Player trying to develop and learn the trade and achieve GREATNESS. ASK YOURSELF THESE SIMPLE QUESTIONS...

1. Do you really want to be Great?

2. Are you really putting max effort into Being Great?

3. Are you honest with yourself, when it comes to self evaluation?

  • If your answer is NO. "There isn't a chance to be successful, and your just buying time, wasting time, and not being authentic"

  • If your answer is YES. " Then start embracing controversy, and the overall tough journey that you have to endure. Perseverance builds character which fuels GREATNESS...

Next time something doesn't go right, or you don't feel treated fairly, don't blame, or give up, prove worthy and get back up after you fall. I always tell my students fall 5 times get up 6. The ones that opened their eyes, heart and ears to my knowledge and sharing of it put them in a better more productive place to be GREAT..

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Thank you and see you next time,

Clint Greenwood

Owner & Founder of the Greenwood Method

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