Character - Integrity - Authenticity "CIA"

Updated: May 27, 2020

Character - Integrity - Authenticity "CIA"

In our 26th year of ‘Total Footballing Development “, Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy continues to strive to be a leader among creative skill training, and complete physical and mental transformation. At CGSA we hold a high standard of discipline in our approach to training player's “Football Mechanics". We also consistently uphold high standards in proactive behavior modification. We believe in our 3-D concept (Discipline/Dedication/Desire)

We at CGSA believe in nurturing our young students to make choices based on our moral aptitude. CGSA creates a positive and respectful environment so all our students can fully consume our training philosophy. One of our motto's is “Winner’s Train Losers Complain”. What that means is to take full responsibility for information you consume, and have NO excuses on negative results that occur. For so many years in competitive Soccer, it has been one of the most important aspects of players individual success. Overall responsibility in ones development. Coaches are not responsible for your attitude. Remember that! There is one thing that every young athlete must understand. The journey is never easy. The perseverance of an athlete is just as important as the dedication. What drives a special player is the strong mindset that he or she acquires through the rough times of their development journey. This is CGSA's overall character development program that coincides with the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological molding of each an every committed Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy player.

To be a high-level athlete who also can venture in other areas of life, you need to dedicate yourself to always be willing to learn. It is a true Victory when someone uses trials and tribulations to gain knowledge and strength. Our creator has taught us that that the humble is blessed abundantly, and it is them who will receive the Heavenly Kingdom. CGSA has a great saying: Each One Teach One. A great # of alumni do return to mentor by teaching at summer camps and periodically Continuum classes. CGSA is a family of over 1000 great players, and great people. It is the appreciation of respect, discipline, dedication, loyalty, but most importantly LOVE. Always have your attention on your opponent. In sport, you need to strive to get better every day. The mentality is to be better today than yesterday. At CGSA we teach the students to always be prepared, and that there is always someone better than you, and they are fighting hard to get what you got. To have this type of professional personality you need to understand that to develop into that self-driven person, you need to have the "SURPASS YOUR BEST" attitude. What CGSA players are taught are that the real opponent is themselves. To be the best, train with the best.

CGSA takes pride in teaching good character to our members. Director, Clint Greenwood is a firm believer in the “Law of Reciprocity”. That means that you get what you give. If you put in maximum effort, you will receive maximum rewards. The amount of effort you put into dedication, discipline, and desire towards improving, you will receive in success and knowledge, which will strengthen your character and the growth of your integrity. Even though, CGSA is a soccer developmental program, it is also a "character development program" via sport. CGSA uses the sport of Soccer to act as a vessel to produce better educated athletes. The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy reminds their members of the saying, “We reap what we sow”, if you put forth outstanding work ethic, you can accomplish great success on the pitch of Football, and on the pitch of life. Through training hard with the “Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy”, you will receive positive results in the areas of fitness, agility, strength, technical skill, tactical knowledge, “Soccer Wisdom”, and good character. It is these areas of a competitive athlete that form humbleness and contribute towards you fulfilling your dreams in sport.



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