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Developmental Level

Coed Ages: (Club Players 12-18) 

$15 OFF

This Discount will expire on September 1, 2020


Elite Level

Coed Ages: (See Requirements)

$15 OFF

This Discount will expire on September 1, 2020

Below are the days of the week that The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy has OPEN TIMES for Private Lessons. To reserve a Private Lesson complete a registration form and Book a Lesson on our Book Online page. No cancellations allowed less than 48 hours notice to you desired date and time of Private Instruction. Locations are open and discussed for best possible commute for both parties.

Please Read This...

If you are not sure of the reservation process, call CGSA office @ 626 533-2541. Please have your schedule ready, so we can reserve your Private Lesson.


Thank you


Get Rid Of Those Bad Habits!

Are you not getting enough touches of the ball during your team training sessions? 

From beginning club player, elite, national, or professional the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy One on One Program has designed a curriculum best fitted for you.  What we are known for is improving players that have the will to change. Our Curriculum utilizes the Greenwood Method to advance our student's needs in the areas of...

  • Individual Technical Ability -  (Ball Mastery) Includes: All the dribbles, Soccerobics, Soccercise, Ball Gymnastics, Juggling, Tricks, and Lifts.

  • Speed Agility and Quickness Enhancement -  (Fast Twitch Training) Includes: Reaction Training, Track Work, Apparatus Training.

  • Passing and Receiving -  (Striking The Ball) Includes: Finishing, Long Balls, Driven Balls, Chips, Lofts, Swerving Balls, and Free Kicks.

  • Imagination -  (Creative Mindset) Includes: Combination moves, Combination Passing in the Penalty Area, Dummies, Imagination and Difference Making Skills...

  • Tactical Sense | Soccer IQ -  (Game Sense, and Field - Awareness - Soccer - Training "FAST" )   This Step also includes overall Football / Soccer History and Laws of The Game.

  • Soccer Personality -  (Mental Capacity and Soccer Physique) Includes: Different Cultures, Fields of Play, and Weight Training that is solely focused on building a proper Soccer Physique



The Greenwood Method Dribbling Moves | 8 Categories of Dribbling Moves

Tricks and Flicks |  100 + Lifts 

Going To Goal Exercises | Finishing

Tactical Comprehension | Game Sense


"There are only 2 kinds of people that understand true genius and success in football - 1st is the player that has complete sacrifice of themselves for the good of the team despite their own abilities, and 2nd the player that spends sleepless hours trying to SURPASS THEIR BEST!"  "All my years I have been the most skillful and capable, all I did is give the opportunity through my passion to take it into their hearts with no questions. Every morning you wake up and get out of bed thank God for another opportunity to Surpass Your Best.  At CGSA we teach through an intentionality program with demands that will guide you on your patch to success, which will only be filled through sacrifice and dedication beyond belief. There isn't any fake it to you make it philosophy at CGSA. It is success with Reciprocity. You get you put into it."

- Clint Greenwood,

Founder of The Greenwood Method  1991


> PROGRAM 1 -  (Qualifications) -   If you are a club level player and you are of age 12 years old and up,  and wish to sharpen your skills, enhance your specific skill, enlarge your education, expand your Soccer IQ, rehabilitate from injury, off-season fitness, or just become an overall better player, this program will propel your game, and give you a better chance to fulfill your dream of becoming a great player. Call the Academy, or contact us through this website and book a lesson today. CGSA does not offer 1 on 1 Private Lesson program to recreational (AYSO) level players. Ask about CGSA training camps in Summer, and Winter months. To find out more on these programs click here. 



  • SAVINGS $$$ - $25 OFF


> PROGRAM 2  -  (Qualifications) -  If you are a high level Soccer player with credentials such as; O.D.P. State, Regional, or National team level, and of the age of 14 and up, or have recommendation from a head coach, Director of Coaching of your club the Elite Program at CGSA is the program that will strengthen your game, and sharpen your already high level ability. The Elite program is also a 1 on 1  program with high demands both physically, and mentally. The culture is of the highest level in all corners of the world of football. 




  • SAVINGS $$$ - $25 OFF LESSON

What Parents Are Saying About The Program

"My daughter wasn't getting a lot of playing time on her club team, and she would come home after game and do some drills she has learned from various experiences, and she was so sad when she didn't play much on the weekends. I was told about CGSA and the Director, Clint Greenwood so I called and set an appointment. As quick as just 2 weeks she was starting and producing. The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy is the best Soccer skill training program that will instantly give your child a new outlook on Soccer, and drills for developing overall Soccer skills that I never knew existed. I recommend CGSA 1 on 1  Private lessons to anyone that is serious about playing at a higher level." 

- Cheryl Surell

Mother of Maddison Surell, U.S. National Pool 2001


CGSA is Known For It's Great Demonstrations Of World Class Skill That Create A Clear Picture To Each Student and Show The Fine Technical Details Often Overlooked

At The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy we dedicate ourselves 365 days of the year on “Total Footballing Development”. Director, Clint Greenwood, is well known as a leader among other training programs in producing top American players through the Greenwood Method. Many of CGSAs students attend extra training with Clint Greenwood and his unique style of approach. The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy has taken part in developing U.S. Men’s National Team Player’s such as; all-time leading goal scorer Landon Donovan, Captain W.C. 2010 Carlos Bocanegra, Jimmy Conrad, Maurice Edu, Leonard Griffin, and Sascha Kljestan. Along with many other senior and youth female national team standouts. All of them have trained with CGSAs 1 on 1  program. It is our dedication to teach our top talented students to train properly. Not only their skills on the field, but their mental preparation and toughness through vigorous workouts with Coach Greenwood. It is this approach which has proven successful in preparing our students to perform at the highest level and against the best competition. CGSAs One on One program is designed for the most serious player. CGSA's director and staff proudly offers you the opportunity of “Total Footballing Development” through the 1 on 1  program. 

Our Disclaimer

"One on One" Private Instruction is not for everyone. The intensity takes a step up in fitness, technical demands, and amount of rest in between reps. Director evaluates the background of the student's past performance, and designs the best fitted curriculum and schedule that works best for each individual.  All candidates are approved by, the local Director of the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy Program in U.S.

"Practice every Day, Because the Quality of your Practice DETERMINES The Caliber of Your Performance". 

Strive For Greatness By Surpassing Your Best 

Complete a registration form and state your program that you are interested in. Within a short period you will receive an email, text, or phone call confirming your request. Most Private Lessons are done over personal communication with the Director, or staff of CGSA. It's IMPORTANT to reserve a lesson early, as the Private Lesson Program is a popular program at CGSA. If you have any questions regarding the 1 on 1 P.L. program or any other program offered by CGSA call our offices at (626) 533-2541 or email us at;  Greenwoodsoccer@socal.rr.com 

To Reserve a Private Lesson 

If You Are Currently Under Contract With A Professional Club...

If you are under contract with a current professional club, please get both the release of liability or your own liability release as a member of their association and league players association.

Example: The individual liability release for activity or the personal contract that has been shared for example P.F.A. in the United Kingdom. If it is M.L.S. you are signed with, our company has access and relations with their players union.  Any questions on the program call Director, Clint Greenwood @ (626) 533-2541

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