Great Skills aren't a player nutmegging someone, and without production. Any average player can do that.  World Class skill is being able to pass the ball 1 touch or even 2 touch and before the defensive players can adjust and with the right rhythm, pace, and direction to teammates appropriate foot. This is Skill!   Quality professional Soccer training and development is not how many dribbling moves the student does with 100's of cones and apparatus spread out everywhere while the student are doing these moves with no purpose, or speed with direction. Simulation in training is one of the most important attributes to becoming a quality professional Soccer teacher.  

-Clint Greenwood

Owner and Founder

The Greenwood Method

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     Neuromuscular Soccer Training  (N.S.T.)  in young athletes/ soccer players improve performance and decreases the risk of injuries during sports activities. These effects are primarily ascribed to the enhancement of muscle strength and power but also balance, speed and agility. However, most studies have failed to demonstrate significant improvement in these abilities. This is probably due to the fact that traditional tests do not reflect training methods (e.g., plyometric training  vs. isometric or isokinetic strength testing, dynamic balance training vs. static balance testing). The protocols utilized in laboratories only partially fulfill the current needs for testing under sport-specific conditions.  Ultimately when tested, needed experienced professional Soccer specific Strength and Conditioning coaches on hand to determine the results,  and a well equipped and costly infrastructure. However,  time and effort from the top sports science physicians, come to the conclusion that it has been the Soccer professionals  demonstrates that high-technology and expensive testing is not the only way to proceed.


"CGSA has been a respected company evolving in the areas of physical testing, could benefit the player's technical boundaries, and relationship with the ongoing cognitive development  that is needed to play at the highest level of Football. The very unique sport of Football is very hard to pinpoint what athlete fits the mold when it comes to desired physical abilities, or athleticism. One player could be lightening fast, and strong, but with no cognitive ability and high level technical skill. Thus player will be only useful for certain positions of the field, and will not be of much use in other's. Time and the evolving game of football and the faster pace the player's are playing, tells us  that it is technical ability under stressful conditions utilizing their sharp cognitive skills makes to be the best players of today's game. explains Director of CGSA, Clint Greenwood."

"This is why CGSA and professional Soccer is the best sport in the world, says Clint Greenwood, Owner and Founder of The Greenwood Method."

     A number of physical fitness field tests are available today. However, the low reliability and limited number of parameters retrieved from simple equipment used also limit their application in competitive sports. Thus, there is a need to develop and validate a functional assessment platform based on portable computerized systems. Variables obtained should be directly linked to specific features of particular sports and capture their complexity. This is essential for revealing weak and strong components of athlete performance and design of individually-tailored exercise programs. Therefore, identifying the drawbacks associated with the assessment of athlete performance under sport-specific conditions would provide a basis for the formation of an innovative approach to their long-term systematic testing. This study aims (i) to review the testing methods used for the evaluation of the effect of neuro-muscular training on sport-specific performance in young athletes,  to introduce stages within the Sport Long life Diagnostic Model, and (iii) to propose future research in this topic. Analysis of the literature identified gaps in the current standard testing methods in terms of their low sensitivity in discriminating between athletes of varied ages and performance levels, insufficient tailoring to athlete performance level and individual needs, a lack of specificity to the requirements of particular sports and a  lso in revealing the effect of training. In order to partly fill in these gaps, the Sport Long life Diagnostic Model was proposed. The Greenwood Method has incorporated most of the findings in data received in many Soccer situational training, and has put together more concrete results that are going to become a major part of the success of players that are training with CGSA. The Greenwood Mentality is the Mindset, and the lesson plan & curriculum  for every "Total Footballing Development"  program is the system that will propel the serious players that commit to Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy "Educational - Based - Soccer - Training."  SERVICE!!!

N S T 


Neuromuscular Soccer Training

Neuromuscular Soccer Training