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At CGSA so many students have learned Soccer skills they most likely wouldn't have, but what has stayed with me throughout my career both as a youth club player in Southern California, a professional player in the U.S. and Mexico, and now a youth club Technical Director. His teachings of life skills and how to win games always stuck to me and served me well throughout my entire career.

-  Orland "Soriano" Vasquez

Professional Soccer Player

Professional Soccer Coach and Trainer

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“It has been said that achieving success in something that you’re passionate about, brings a sense of completion to one’s life. Through my strong faith in God, I have been blessed with the ability to attain some success in my Soccer career, mostly due to the perseverance that I have attained through my education process, as well as the deepest Love and Passion for the Game of Football, and the entertainment it provides when played technically.


There are many keys to success, which amount as the ingredients that make up a professional footballer. Two major characteristics are hard work, and perseverance. Everyone endures ups and downs, but it is these two qualities that overcome them. It is these two characteristics that guided many Soccer players throughout their journeys of being a professional footballer. The discipline and dedication you need to being a professional athlete is the ongoing obstacle that separates the ones that make it from the ones that don't. It takes a person with great values, morals, ethics, and integrity to obtain true success in he/she’s craft. There are NO short cuts to playing professional Soccer.

Achieving success cannot be captured alone. It will be very important to stay humble, and keep a strong approach to learning different components, It is through a player's curiosity and will that dreams come to form reality.  When you pursue greatness, all the trials and tribulations serve as the backbone, and fuel your strength in character so you can move forward with the constant search of how to be "BETTER TODAY THAN HE/SHE WERE YESTERDAY" 

At CGSA our students embrace The Greenwood Mentality This is a mindset. It's a mindset of an Elite Athlete. Each CGSA students start to realize that you are never done with learning, and you can learn from everyone.  The mindset is the constant curiosity search on how to Be a "Better Player Today Than I was Yesterday.  A constant quest of how to Be the Best Version Of Myself."

“If you don’t know where you are going, there is a good chance that you may end up somewhere else.”

–Winston Churchill (Prime Minister, United Kingdom)


At the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy, we show our students how to utilize these situations to mature and develop into the prepared Soccer player that the Greenwood Method has produced so successfully for 28 YEARS. CGSA Director, Clint Greenwood has transformed his Soccer Academy, to not just a Soccer School for athletes to enhance their skills, but much more.


It is these valuable lessons that the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy instills in its students, which are often overlooked by other developmental training programs.  At the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy, we encourage our players to try their skills during a game situation as well as practice "Timing - Purpose - Confidence.  This will allow the player to understand the purpose of the skill, as well as the meaning of the skill. It is the entire process of endurance and perseverance that makes or breaks a player to be great you need to learn from failure. Director, CG drives that into all of his students, and tells them to be the best you need to humble yourself and be vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to fail and make mistakes. “Don’t Be Afraid to Step in the Ring”. "If you are not making errors, you aren't learning".


"It was true love that created the Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy, says Director, Clint Greenwood".


Elite Private Lesson Program

CGSA offers Elite Private Lessons to Professional elite athletes, all over the world.

Cal Heat Soccer Club Boys 82

Above -  Photo of SASC Heat Boys 82' Formerly Cal Heat. "As the Heat's Head Coach and Trainer from U-12 through U-19 I haven't seen a youth club team in America as good as this lot. By the end of it all, the great results winning CSL Premier, CSL League Cup, Surf Cup, NHB,  Nomads College Showcase, and Score at The Shore in Long Island Ny didn't make Coach Greenwood's top 5 most memorable moments with the heat. "My most unforgettable cherished moments with these boys were at training where they kept it fun and exciting while still approaching each session like a pro, they made it fun too." states Director, Clint Greenwood.


"When they were U-18 ranked #1 in the U.S. crowds of fans would make their way to watch them play. The only boys team that were giving out signatures at Surf Cup Super -19.  At the end of it all The Heat 82 graduated 5 professionals, 7 Division 1 University players, 1 player that is recognized as the Best American Soccer Player of all time. They not only were the best tactical and technical team out there but more than anything else the Heat had fun with each other, and built a family, that will remain as the Best Youth Club Team I have ever seen. I am proud of this lot."

- Clint Greenwood, Director 

Above -  In 2009 The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy held a Christmas Soccer Camp at Central Park, in the city of Santa Clarita CA. Clint Greenwood was the Director of Coaching at that time.


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