Shown Above -  Ashley Nick   a Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy Alumnist and great role model for upcoming girls. Ashley just spent a great season as Italian Champions with Juventus. Ashley won 1 National Cup with a CG coached SASC Strikers, and won a NCAA National Title as captain of the USC Trojans, and turned professional after graduation. Ashley is a great role model for current female students wishing to Surpass Their Best in life...

Sunday Soccer School "Continuum"

Above - middle photo is a photo taken at a skills demonstration by Director of Santa Anita Soccer Club. This demo was to introduce the new families into the overall philosophy of developing their players so they are prepared at their next level.

Above -  In 2009 The Clint Greenwood Soccer Academy held a Christmas Soccer Camp at Central Park, in the city of Santa Clarita CA. Clint Greenwood was the Director of Coaching at that time.

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